12 - 13August, 2016 in a picturesque mountain gorge of Berikkara the fifth annual forum of leaders of youth centers with ethno cultural associations of Zhambyl region “ANC Youth – 2016” has successfully passed.

Eighty youngsters took part in the forum, including those who were for the first time - the newly designated experts to work in the sphere of interethnic relations department of internal policy of the regional Akimats.

Ninghteen best students from the rural areas, who first attended the forum at the invitation of the regional Assembly of People of Kazakhstan, were actively taking part in the workshop’s activities an also visited the sights of ancient Taraz.

According to the program "Know your homeland" of the “big country - a big family” project, the students, under the leadership of methodologist of ethno-cultural associations KSU “Kogamdyk Kelisim” of Akimat administrative office of Zhambyl region, Gulnaz Kulmambetova, made a fascinating tour through the regional historical - area museum, the complex “mausoleum of Karahan” and the archaeological museum  "Ancient Taraz".

The opening ceremony of the forum, as well as itself, was taking part in a mountain recreation complex "Tau - Samaly". Employees of the department of methodical maintenance and monitoring of interethnic relations, the department of social - events KSU "Kogamdyk Kelisim" offered youth leaders a rich educational program, which met the immediate needs and interests of the audience. Introductory seminar on the topic "Peculiarities of the state of inter-ethnic situation in Zhambyl region," held Parida Mamedova, a leading expert of the department of scientific - expert support, Ph.D., associate professor TarSU named for the honor of M.H. Dulati. An exciting "brainstorming" on topic "Critical thinking as a cultural phenomenon" held a specially invited guest Valentina Tikhomirova, professor of psychology at the Kazakh National University named after Al - Farabi.

The training of metodist of the development of national crafts, Vera Maykovich, “folk costume tradition in modern dress – code” was also of a great interest. Participants of the forum led by graduating student of TarSU Adiletta Alipbekova, increased their knowledge though training "Freedom of speech and vocabulary of intolerance on the Internet: the verge of permissible and possible consequences. Analysis of Kazakhstan's content" And a training "Peculiarities of mediation among young people" by mediator Safonova Larisa allowed youth leaders to strengthen their competencies in the new direction of the APK activities.

Spare time was perfectly organized for Forum participants: games in the watter, mini-football, volleyball and evening disco. Festival "APK – Territory Of Youth" which included sports races, competitions in the performance of folk and modern dances will long be remembered.

The results of the forum were summed up by the head of KSU "Kogamdyk Kelisim" Akimat administrative office in Zhambyl region, Rano Ubaydullaeva, she also handed the participants special certificates.

Press-office of KSU “Kogamdyk Kelesim” Akimat Executive office

Zhambyl region

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