Dear compatriots!

On this sacred day for all Muslims, the Assembly of the People of Kazakhstan congratulates you with Kurban Ait!

Kurban Ait is a harmony peace. In our country, this festival brings together not only Muslims but also all the people of Kazakhstan.

On the 25th year of Independence, Kurban Ait occupied an important place in the development of cultural and spiritual values, the strengthening of unity in the society.

Thanks to the policy of the Head of State the friendship and mutual understanding of different faiths in Kazakhstan have become the standard for the whole world. The leaders of the traditional religions of the world find universal guidelines, the implementation of dialogue and concerted decisions.

Dear fellow citizens!

Kurban Ait embodies a willingness to sacrifice, to provide specific assistance to those in need, and is a clear opportunity to practice charity and solidarity toward others.

That is why on the eve of Kurban Ait the Assembly of the People of Kazakhstan announced a nationwide month-long charity and ask the people of Kazakhstan to help others.

Dear fellow citizens! Let the blessed feast of Kurban Ait will give us grace! Let there be peace, unity and harmony in our country!

Let the holiday bring warmth, joy and prosperity to your families!

Assembly of the People of Kazakhstan

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