Assembly of the People of Kazakhstan cordially congratulate with the holiday of CONSTITUTION DAY OF THE REPUBLIC OF KAZAKHSTAN!

Dear fellow citizens!

Assembly of the People of Kazakhstan congratulates you with the Constitution Day of the Republic of Kazakhstan!

The main law of the country identifies the assumption of political and economic system, established as a universal and national value.

The Constitution adopted the principles of peace and harmony policy and integration of society embodied in the model of social cohesion and national unity of the First President of Kazakhstan, Leader of the Nation, N.A. Nazarbayev.

Due to it, Kazakhstan, for 25 years, has become a strong independent state, which unites representatives of different ethnic groups and religions in one nation.

The striking proof of it is the result of an outstanding Kazakhstan team at the XXXI Summer Olympic Games. Our athletes have demonstrated the world creative power of unity and solidarity of the People of Kazakhstan.

Dear compatriots!

Time has proven that the Constitution of Kazakhstan is a solid foundation for a competent social policy and welfare improvement.

Implementation of the Fourth Reform Plan as the Nation of "Identity and Unity" will become a new stage and a powerful incentive for further disclosure and realization of the potential of our Constitution.

Dear friends! On this important day we wish you good health, happiness and prosperity! Let this holiday always gives us strength and confidence in achieving our goals!

Assembly of the People of Kazakhstan

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