The Assembly of People of Kazakhstan initiated this annual traditional event this year, which is the focal point for all charitable activities in the country. Moreover, although good relay continues until the Day of Knowledge - September 1, the Zhambyl region Secretariat of the Assembly of People of Kazakhstan has already received its preliminary results.

"Road to school" - it is not just charity. Mass events held in the region from 1 to 20 August were aimed primarily at preventing child and adolescent neglect, the maximum coverage in the new 2016 - 2017 school year, all children learning in accordance with the Law "On education in the Republic of Kazakhstan." To this end, about 2,200 employees of educational institutions and social welfare, law-enforcement bodies, NGO activists, and ethnic and cultural associations of the region conducted 1205 road actions on such objects as dachas, peasants and farmers, trading markets, enterprise services and places of entertainment to identify the facts of the illegal exploitation of child labor, to identify school-age children not enrolled in education. To this must be added about 47,000 backyard and door-rounds conducted by teachers of regional schools with a view to the August accounting students.

From August 12 on the major markets of the regional center, "Atakent - Taraz" and "Aul Bereke" in Merke, Kordai and other areas opened school fairs and bazaars, where parents can buy children school uniforms, stationery and writing materials at discount prices.

During the campaign "Road to school", leading a series of charity events, the Assembly of People of Kazakhstan Zhambyl region held August 24 in the regional rehabilitation center for 40 children - disabled action under the slogan "Different - Equal". Actors of Regional Russian Drama Theater showed a cheerful and at the same time raising a performance - a fairy tale, "I'll count to five." The official part opened the chairman of the mothers of the Council under the regional Assembly of People of Kazakhstan Muhabbat Mirazhapova that in his address emphasized the equal opportunities for all children in Kazakhstan in education: "Soon, before you open the door a wonderful country of knowledge, and all of you will begin to learn what the state has created for you all possibilities and ways: distance education at home, inclusive - in a regular school, an individual - under the guidance of a teacher. Acquire knowledge with passion, and for parents - wish you good health and endless patience for your entire school way. We are always with you." Future first graders were presented with nice backpacks with school - writing utensils. The event was attended by the head of the secretariat of the regional Assembly of People of Kazakhstan Marjane Kuzhaeva, the head of KSU "Kogamdyk Kelіsіm" Zhambyl region akim Rano Ubaydullaeva, and number of heads of ethnocultural associations.

Similar actions with concerts and gifts, before the start of the school year held and continue to hold for children from low-income families, children - orphans Dungan, Tajik, Polish, Azerbaijani, Uighur, Chechen - Ingush, Jewish and other ethnic and cultural associations of the region.

Press service of KSU "Kogamdyk Kelisim" 

Zhambyl Region, Akimat Executive office

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