July 15, 2016 the 12th Camp Festival Freilehe Kinder started in the sanatorium "Morning" with the participations of 87 guests from Almaty, Pavlodar, Petropavlovsk, Semey, Taraz, Uralsk, and Shymkent. The project was implemented with the support of the Euro-Asian Jewish Congress and the Association "Mitzvah".

Behind are the long days of preparation: rehearsals, costume sewing, instruction of parents before the trip, the worries... And ahead - an interesting meetings and new acquaintances, educational games and quizzes, quests, celebrating Shabbat and Awdal, zumba, photo session and a gala concert.

On the first day, the participants were passing through the first two terminals, "Salatron" - the madrikh (trainer) Ekaterina Belogolovskaya and "Intelligence" - trainers Elizabeth Shkoda and Maria Popova. Internet terminal is a game revealing knowledge of the concepts and traditions. Salatron - physical training with a number of tasks.

First, teams came up with their names, logos and chants. The leading offered the tasks: to create a new team member from the balloons, to sing a verse about his team in different musical genres: classical opera, rap, indie music, to line up on the size of the ears; write the names of their team-members backwards.

The most memorable and unusual task, for which the participants even stood in the rain was to for the whole team to hide all under the newspapers. All teams tried so hard, that after some instead of three teams in the field there were three newspaper tubers, which showed the solidarity inside each team.

In parallel with the festival directors from Kazakhstan communities held meetings and conferences, discussed organizational issues of life of communities. Despite their busy schedule, the director attended the game KosherQuiz, took part in rehearsals, supported by their delegations.

After dinner, the official opening of the festival took place in the hall of the night club "Chicago". The flourish announced the beginning of the XII Freilehe Kinder,started with a welcoming speech made by the head of the Jewish community of Kazakhstan, member of the Presidium of the Euro-Asian Jewish Congress and the Council of the Kazakhstan People Assembly, Alexander Baron.

"The Jews consider 12 to be the perfect number, the symbol of completeness, - said Baron. - This year will be completed a twelve-year cycle of the festival, which means that next year will begin a new cycle, and we will be glad to meet again in Karaganda".

Baron read a message from the Leader of the Nation, President of Kazakhstan, Nursultan Nazarbayev on the occasion of the anniversary of the Assembly of People of Kazakhstan. Then he presented medals and diplomas to the directors of the Kazakhstan community for their significant contribution to strengthening the social harmony in the country, ensuring the unity of the people of Kazakhstan, as well as to commemorate the 20th anniversary of the Assembly.

A video prepared specially for the festival has been shown. Belogolovskaya, Popova, Skoda, Veronika Bondarenko and Stanislav Ivanov performed a song from the scene, which became a hit of the evening. Then, representatives of other cities visited the stage with a musical or dance greeting.

July 16 on the stage of the School of Art №62 music and dance numbers brought to the festival have been looked for review.

After breakfast, the participants went to the place of performance, where the director of the festival, Kozhanovskaya and her project partner, the artistic director of the festival Irina Revenko already waited for the guests.

The festival is way to sum up of what the community was able to teach its children throughout the year. The festival brings people together, gives light, warmth and energy of creativity. After watching the show, choreographer JCC "Shamash" Tatiana Blinova held a general rehearsal for the final coming on the stage of all the participants of the festival during a gala concert.

After dinner it was a team intellectual game,  KosherQuiz - an international project for those interested in Jewish culture, traditions and values, as well as modern Israel. Questions for the game are proposed by professional players of "What? Where? When?" from Belarus, Israel and Ukraine. Karaganda teams have participated in the tournament numerous times and won prizes.

The children were divided into 16 teams of four or five people in view of different ages. These mind games are "brainstorming", helping players to show their skills not only in the field of Jewish culture and tradition, but also in the various fields of human life. The game was liked by everyone. The children were looking forward to the next day, when the results of the tournament and winners would be announced.

On the morning of July 17, participants came to the Academic Theatre of Musical Comedy. By noon, gathered the spectators of gala concert. Alexander Baron met the guests with a welcoming speech. He attaches great importance to the community of youth initiatives, he supports and coordinates international youth projects and comes to the festival every year.

The first solo number was of a bright and talented Angelina Fedchenko, who presented the song "Rizanym". One after another, musical and dance bands were invited to the stage. Dmitry Nazarenko with the song "Kazakhstan", the vocal group "Anakhnu" from Pavlodar with the song "Jewish Happiness". Almaty residents gave the audience a fiery dance of Moldavian Jews. Uralsk at the gala concert was represented by Sidorovich Artem and Arina Zavertaylo with a dancу called "light of a woman." A very good impression made Almaty duo - brother and sister Dalen and Daley Shantemirov, Christina Partenadze, band "Alizimki" and others.

Karaganda Yahalom showed the audience a dance "Chiribim" and two new items: Kurdish dance and modern PartoftheGlory with elements of breakdancing and acrobatics.

Karaganda gala concert was closed by the vocal and instrumental group AHAVA.

Closing part of the festival took place in the “Chicago” night club. Kozhanovskaya again noted that the festival celebrated its 12th birthday, bat-mitzvah, which is adulthood. Young girls, who were born 12 years ago, in the year when the first Freilehe Kinder took place, were invited on the stage.

Then all participants were asked to participate in a quiz on knowledge of Jewish law, and in music contests.

KosherQuiz game results have been announced, and it was time to exchange gifts. Each city received a certificate of participation in the XII Camp Festival Freilehe Kinder, all participants were given envelopes with a letter of congratulations, magnets and a visa opened for a year on arrival at the XIII Festival.

Camp Festival Freilehe Kinder is a peculiar touch to the centuries-old and diverse culture of the Jewish people, where you can see folk and modern dances, theater performances, listen to folk tunes, nigun. The three day festival presents to all participants and spectators joy, a piece of light and hope, which is filled with the culture of the Jewish people and a positive charge for a long time!

The Jewish community of Kazakhstan

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