With purpose of real support to those who are in need of financial assistance, the TV channel "Kazakhstan-Oral" at Friendship House held a charity telethon "Shyn zhurekten". The project involved five regions, which were connected to the air, including the Western - Kazakhstan region.

Tatti Utegalieva, who was leading the program, told about the plight of three families, which get a real aid.

In Hayrushevy family 15 people huddled in makeshift, 5 family members - people with disabilities, victims of the consequences of nuclear tests at Kapustin Yar and Azgir. To take timely examination and medical procedures they had to move to the city of Uralsk, Bokey Orda District. For grandchildren - Disabled Clara - grandmom acquired land, funds were enough to start construction. The winter is coming, and so they have one hope - a real help of caring people.

During the charity project Hayrushevy family was assisted by several companies and at the end of the marathon representatives of the regions and the Assembly of People of Kazakhstan, West Kazakhstan gave to Hayrushevy building materials worth over 782 thousand tenge.

Assistance was provided to the other participants of telethon. Disabled of the first group Larisa Mukangalieva graduated with honors from high school, enrolled in college, suddenly became seriously ill, doctors diagnosed with "multiple sclerosis", for several years, she is confined to a wheelchair. Mother of Larissa - Nuria Mukangalieva agreed with the medical center in Moscow, but for the trip is not enough money. Managers LLP "Stroykombinat" and "Mirlan" LLP provided material assistance for travel of girl to Moscow for treatment.

The youngest participant of the telethon Akzhunus Erniyazova was helped by entrepreneur, head of LLP "Gibadat" Birjan Kozhakov, himself confined to a wheelchair, but in spite of his illness arranged LLP, where he assembled wheelchair users and manufactures special devices for people with diseases of the musculo - skeletal system, in addition to that his company produces furniture. Now the girl is a standing frame, which will help it in the fight against disease. So, in the charity of the TV project real assistance was provided to three families.

It is worth noting that it was the second telethon organized Asssamblei people of Kazakhstan and Kazakhstan RTRC.

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