Kazakhstan - a multinational state, which is home to more than a hundred ethnic groups. But each of us needs to know the history and traditions of its people. It is important to know and respect the customs of the people living nearby.

Culture - this is what justifies the existence of the people and nation, it is holy nation, it collects and stores.

The assembly hall of the House of Friendship hosted the "Festival of the Chechen-Ingush culture". Ahmad Dudayev opened the event with his incendiary performance of lezginka.

"In the dance Dzhigit had to show his agility. Previously, there was only one way to get acquainted with the girl - performed dances, only there the young man could show his attitude to the girl. There are many species of Lezginka. Firstly, in its different peoples, and secondly - the dance is different. They differ in the music and tempo of movement "- said Ahmed.

Head of the Secretariat of the North-Kazakhstan oblast of Kazakhstan people's Assembly Nail Salimov congratulated the participants and highlighted the contribution of the Chechen-Ingush ethnocultural association "Vainakh" in the development of the Assembly, representatives of awarding letters of appreciation.

Vocal and dance ensemble "Zama" with Zhambyl region also came to the festival to please guests with national songs and dances. Girls in national costumes showed all the elegance, befitting a Chechen girl.

Guests become more familiar with the culture of the Chechen-Ingush people, listening to poems, legends, as well as by viewing a film about Chechnya.

Dadaev Musa, chairman of the Chechen-Ingush ethnocultural association "Vainakh":

- Our culture is eastern. All customs are similar. There are some nuances, like all people, but in general, customs, traditions and culture we have the same.

Creative groups of ethnic and cultural centers of the Assembly gave its guests a music room, a sign of respect for their culture. The festival ended with a cup of tea in a warm and friendly atmosphere, where the same table together friends of different ethnic groups of our Friendship House.

Press service of KSU «Kogamdyk kelesim»

SI "Machinery of akim of North Kazakhstan region"

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