October 9, 2016 in the concert hall "Shalkyma" was held the annual holiday “chak-chak party”. This year the traditional festival was held in the framework of the 25th anniversary of Independence of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

"Chak-Chak" Bayram - a tradition of farmers engaged in grain crops. Since ancient times, all peoples worshiped bread - a symbol of prosperity. Like any other flour products, chak-chak is in line with the main treats dastarkhan. And accordingly, here and I went to the feast, but rather festivities on the occasion of the harvest, summing up years of work.

Now the word "Bayram" was replaced by youth "party". The new name stuck after the participation of young people of the Tatar-Bashkir ethnocultural associations of our region at the Third World Forum of Tatar Youth in Kazan, the last in 2008.

This year's concert is traditionally opened the Tatar folk song "Zhilaklya zhaylar" performed by vocal ensemble "Ikhlas" with the accompaniment of an accordionist. Perhaps the hallmark of this event is not just a live sound, but its harmonious duet with accordion.

During the event, chairman of the regional ethno-cultural associations "Ikhlas" Anwar Kereybayev congratulated all those present on the occasion and wished them good health and well-being.

Wonderful holiday guests met not only the audience, but also to the scene. Arrived creative teams from different cities: the ensemble "Alsou" of Shakhtinsk, vocal ensemble "Yahtashlar" from Aktas, the Tatar-Bashkir city center Abai "Laysan", center "Ikhlas" activists Sabina and Kamil not only led the evening program, but also performed various quiz with the audience and even the competition of eating chak-chak.

On the scene were folk singers: Khusnutdinova Hadiya, Musalimova Malik, Golsina Toktamysheva, accordionist Farid Kamil, and Allayarova Khusnullin, who struck spectators with mischievous folk dances.

"The annual celebration of" Chak-Chak "Bayram is a kind of tradition and respect for the craft of their ancestors. Although we do not sow or harvest, the celebration of the parish come during this period. This year it went to cheer. It is encouraging to see that people support us, and we are always happy to accept the invitation from the regional Tatar-Bashkir union "Ihlas" - shared his impressions of the head of the Tatar-Bashkir ethnocultural association "Yahtashlar" Aktas village - Fatihova Dania on behalf of the whole team.

It ended with a concert performance of all the actors of "Tugan til" Tatar folk song. After that, the organizers have invited all the guests to taste delicious chak-chak.

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