On September 1 in the House of Friendship was held a classroom hour on the topic - "I am patriot" among high school students. The event began with a video demonstration and the song about the cities of Kazakhstan. The event started with very positive songs about the cities of Kazakhstan and their features. Only those who know and love their homeland could write such a wonderful song. To be patriot, one needs to know the country's achievements in various fields, to know the strength and importance of the country, see the care of the state for ordinary citizens.

During the event students were told about patriotic act "Mangilik El", which was adopted by the APC at the XXIV session held in Astana under the chairmanship of the President of Kazakhstan, Chairman of the Assembly of the Peoples of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev. Special themed slide were prepared for the event.

Math teacher Komordina Luvov' read the text "Mangilik El": "Our generation has had the great honor and responsibility under the leadership of Elbasy, the First President of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev to create a new history of Kazakhstan. Rallying behind Elbasy, we passed a great way of achievements and today is proud to call ourselves citizens of independent Kazakhstan - a strong and successful state. Following the historic Nursultan Nazarbayev "Word of Independence" we, citizens of Kazakhstan, are united to build the One Nation of the Future - Mangilik El. At the heart of El Mangilik is a simple, understandable and most valuable for all of us truth: the well-being of our families, hospitality and hard work, stability, security and unity, confidence in the future ..."

Every student expressed his own opinion and were deeply interested in the subject of class hours. Among the activities were: education of Kazakhstan patriotism and being pride of the country, to formulate active life position, to bring up the ability to set goals and to solve them, to conduct activities through a system of independent work, to speak clearly and think critical.

"Let there be our strong unified nation - Mangilik El! Let there be an eternal blessed Kazakh land - Uly Dala Eli! Alga, Kazakhstan! "- With these words summed up the event the head of department on work with ethno-cultural associations KSE "Kogamdyk kelіsіm" Mangistau region, akim apparatus Abdullayev Samira Sabirovna.

Press service of KSE "Kogamdyk kelіsіm" AA MO

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