Uralsk House of Friendship, West Kazakhstan region, chaired by ANC elders council, WKO member R.H.Suerbaeva held a meeting of the Assembly of People of Kazakhstan council for elders of the West Kazakhstan region. On the meeting of the council were addressed issues for youth education in the spirit of patriotism.

Presentations were made to report the head of management on youth policy of the West Kazakhstan region Azamat Aytuev the information about management activities.

According to the head, there are 145,879 people in the region today, young people are 24.7% of the total number of inhabitants of the region. Youth receives education in four universities and 38 vocational and technical schools in the area. They enroll 47 231 students (universities - 26 708, CPS-s - 20 523 people).

In the area there are 158,000 people of different nationalities, including 1,420 young people enrolled in vocational colleges and 653 in the university's.

In the area there are ​​89 youth associations registered, 64 are based in the city of Uralsk and 25 in districts of the region. Every year, in order to preserve family values, youth organizations of the region hold a family holiday "Tolagay", youth competition "Traditional Song" was held in the framework of weekends "Dombyra party", "Asyк party" for the purpose of instilling patriotism among young people in the West Kazakhstan region. Youth forums are scheduled for September. In particular, to promote patriotism were held charity events and actions ""Үlkenge Kurmet, Kіshіge іzet", "Ardagerlerdі ardaktayyk", "70 igі іs" "Erlіkke tagzym", and "Kamkor".

Later the word was given to the head of youth wing of the Assembly of People of Kazakhstan, West Kazakhstan region, Igor Spiridonov.

At the end of the event the elders emphasised on the problems of youth unemployment, which, often leads young people to non-traditional religious groups.

It is noteworthy at the time of the meeting in the House of Friendship young participants of regional bicycle race of the first category of complexity comoeted on the route "Karatobe - Zhympity - Araltobe - Uralsk" with a length of 259 km. Young cyclists met members of the ANC council of elders in WKO. Head of the Secretariat of the ANC WKO Gaisa Capac congratulated the participants of the bike race with the conclusion and expressed appreciation for the patriotic action.

This was the first bicycle race held in the framework of "25 categorical hikes to the 25th anniversary of Independence of the Republic of Kazakhstan." It was attended by 11 teams from the areas of our region. Cyclists were congratulated by the Deputy Chairman of the Council of Elders ANC, WKO Bates Ismagulova:

- You have overcome a long way to show deep respect for remarkable date - the 25th anniversary of Independence of our country. Looking at your tanned face and shining eyes we understand that you have successfully passed this way, and you can be proud of it. On behalf of the senior generation Bates Turanovna wished young cyclists to be an example for all young people, sports and love homeland.

All participants of the bike ride were awarded with a thank you letters from the Assembly of the People of Kazakhstan.

Press service of KSU

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