Conciliation procedure in civil proceedings

In Astana was held a "round table" on "conciliation procedure in civil proceedings", organized by the court of Astana city, attended by the judges of city and district courts, professional mediators, representatives of the prosecutor's office, City Association, Chamber of Notaries, KSU "Kogamdyk kelіsіm", akimat of Astana and others.

During the meeting was discussed a wide range of issues relating to alternative methods of dispute resolution (conflict) areas and the problems of application of mediation and participatory procedures, the promotion of mediation and others.

On behalf of the KSU "Kogamdyk kelіsіm" the akimat of Astana reported on the potential of non-professional mediation and ethno-cultural associations in the development of mediation by the chief expert mediator Kairat Tokebaev, stressing the importance of bringing to the promotion legal instruments of the Assembly of People of Kazakhstan resources.

In particular, K. Tokebaev noted that the Assembly is currently operating with non-professional mediation and create a pool of mediators within the framework of the bilateral Memorandum on the development of mediation in the Republic of Kazakhstan together with the Supreme Court of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Special attention is payed to the integration into the public consciousness of the Kazakhstan's population sustained positive image of mediation as an effective and practical tool of settlement of disputes (conflicts).

As an outcome of the "round table" was developed a number of specific recommendations, reached a preliminary agreement on cooperation and bilateral consultations between the various structures.

In addition, akimat of Astana signed a memorandum on mutual cooperation in the development of the institute conciliation proceedings with the following: the parties administration of courts of Astana, Astana Union of Judges, Public Council for Cooperation with the courts at the court of Astana city branch "Nur Otan" party, NGO "Center for mediation development", NGO "Union of professional mediators Kelіsu" and others.

Parties involved in the Memorandum underlined the importance of practical implementation of the whole complex of measures to intensify the development of extra-judicial dispute resolution mechanisms (conflicts), as well as their popularization.


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