Conference in Almaty

August 25, 2016 at 11:00 a.m. the Friendship House hosted a conference on "Inter-ethnic and inter-religious harmony as the basis of sustainable development of Kazakhstan", dedicated to the Constitution Day of the Republic of Kazakhstan in the framework of the 25th anniversary of Independence.

The aim of the conference is to explain the main aspects of religious situation in Kazakhstan with the participation of the Assembly of People of Kazakhstan, showing the contribution of traditional religions in the formation of spiritual and moral education of the city residents.

The conference was opened by the General Director of the International Institute for "Intellect Orda", Doctor of Historical Sciences, Professor Mazhitov Sattar Fazylovich.

A welcoming speech was conducted by the head of the Religious Affairs Department – Essenbekov A.R.

The moderator announced regulations – up to 7 minutes of speech, debate and exchange of views - 3 minutes. All the participants voted affirmative.

Welcome speech was conducted by the Majilis deputy of the Parliament of the Republic of Kazakhstan – Mikaelian Narine Gamletovna.

According to the regulations reported:

  1. Chief Imam of Almaty city Esmagambet Nurbek on the "Basics of Islam - the consent of faith";
  2. Member of the Assembly of the People of Kazakhstan, Chairman of the Public Council under the consent of the ANC Almaty – Ni Lubov’ Avgustovna on the topic: "inter-religious and inter-ethnic peace and harmony in the Republic of Kazakhstan";
  3. The representative of the Russian Orthodox Church, Bishop Gennady on "Entering the third millennium: religious freedom in a multicultural society of Kazakhstan";
  4. Member of the scientific and expert group at the Assembly of the People of Kazakhstan, Almaty, leading researcher of the Institute of Philosophy, Political Science and Religious Studies, SC MES RK, Ph.D. Sartaeva Raushan Sultanovna on "Constitutional guarantees of freedom of conscience in Kazakhstan";
  5. The head of the diocese of the Roman Catholic Church, Bishop H.L.M. Sierra on the topic: "The role of spiritual education in building a culture of inter-religious relations";
  6. Chief Rabbi of Kazakhstan Yeshaya Cohen on "The religious and national rights as a factor of stability in the society";
  7. The theologian of the University of Islamic Culture "Nur-Mubarak" Rakhymzhan Akimbekov on "Non-traditional religious movements as a destabilizing factor in the stability of society";
  8. Professor, Doctor of Philosophy Seydahmetova Natalia L. on "Islam in the structure of world outlook values ​​on Kazakhstan, reality and prospects;
  9. Deputy Chairman of the Almaty Korean National Center, member of the Scientific Expert Group together with ANC Almaty, Kahn Georgiy Vasilyevich;

After discussion, the conference adopted a resolution on "Inter-ethnic and inter-religious harmony as the basis of sustainable development of Kazakhstan." All members voted affirmative.

Among the participants were: members of the Assembly of the People of Kazakhstan, Council members of the ANC Almaty, representatives of ethno-cultural associations of the city of Almaty, priests, representatives of religious organizations, members of the Relations with Religious Associations Council, akimat of Almaty, the scientific community (religious scholars, theologians, political scientists), young people and students.

Media was invited to attend and highlight the event.

  • Assembly of the People of Kazakhstan, Almaty Secretariat;
  • The Office of the religious affairs, Almaty;
  • Service maintenance of activity of the Republican House of Friendship;
  • KSE "Kogamdyk Kelisim", Almaty akim apparatus.

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