September 27, 2016 in the Regional Special comprehensive boarding school for visually impaired children was held the grand event at which an agreement on mutual cooperation of school management and the board of the regional APK mothers was signed.

According to the chairman of the Council of the mothers, the regional APK, as well as the chairman of the public association "Nur-Ana alemi" Maksilova B.S. the subject of the agreement is the joint development and implementation of projects aimed at the formation of Kazakhstan identity through consolidation of ethnic groups of Kazakhstan and true education of the Kazakhstan patriotism, love for the native land - Kazakhstan.

In her speech, Deputy Chairman of the Board of the mothers, chairman of the Finno-Ugric IVF Nikolashina O.L. told about the achievements, life and works of the regional APK. "To date, in the regional APK shoulder to shoulder are working 24 ethno-cultural associations. They represent more than 40 nationalities. During the year, we will introduce you to the culture and traditions of ethnic groups living in the territory of Pavlodar region "- she said. She also wished all the students excellent learning and good health.

Mother’s Board members come to school not empty-handed. All the children have been treated with sweets. Also, the concert program has been organized especially for them, with the participation of ensembles "Aru Ana" public association "Nur-Ana alemi" and the family ensemble "Esna" regional Finno-Ugric IVF.Ensemble "Aru Ana" were performed Kazakh folk songs about love for the motherland. In turn, the soloists of the "Esna" ensemble performed Mordovia, Russian and Kazakh songs, under the fiery rhythms, while all guests started dancing.

In gratitude, the children gave the guests from the House of Friendship picture that will now decorate the Mother’s Council of the regional office of the APK.

Aytpaev Maksat

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