Day of Chuvash culture during the summer feast “We live in one family»

In 1995, at the time of the Assembly of People of Kazakhstan formation, about 2000 Chuvash lived in the area. Kazakhstan People's Assembly has helped to combine living in the territory of Pavlodar region Chuvash in one big family and now helps them to revive and preserve the culture, language and the best traditions of the Chuvash people.

From the first day of the formation of the Chuvash socio cultural center operates folklore ensemble "Sespel" which artistic director is accordionist virtuoso Gaynutdin Tashimov. During all these years the ensemble often performs on all local and regional events, and is a repeated winner of the regional festival of culture and art of the people of Kazakhstan.

The festive event dedicated to the Day of the Chuvash culture, tradition, took place last weekend in the city park. It was attended by many admirers of the ensemble "Sespel", participants and leaders of the regional EKO, citizens and guests of the city. The head of the ensemble G.A.Tashimov carefully selected repertoire for the ensemble. The festival program includes both old folk songs and musical works of modern Chuvash and Kazakh composers.

 "The ensemble" Sespel " owns rich repertoire. Hide these song and dance performances only in Pavlodar - it is a sin. I believe that we need to promote further the creativity of ensemble "- said in his speech, the guest of honor of the Chuvash Republic, the chairman of the public association of elders" Canas "Chuvash National Congress, Professor, Doctor of Philosophy Vasiliy Fedotov. He also noted that Chuvash living in Pavlodar have a dream - to visit their historical homeland Chuvash Republic and the capital city Cheboksary. In his speech, he wished to make this dream came true in the near future.

The hosts of event said, that August is considered one of the holiday richest in the summer months. And these traditions have their roots in ancient times. On this day, the participants of EKO taught all guests  more about the features of apple, walnut and Honey Spas 2016, which is traditionally celebrated and observed by all Orthodox people, including Chuvash.

The name "Spas" was formed in ancient times, it appears as an abbreviation of the word "Savior." According to the church calendar supposed to celebrate three Spases: apple, walnut and honey. The date of each of them remains unchanged from year to year. At the festival in detail told about each of them.

Apple Spas is one of the oldest holidays. Usually at this time harvest begins in the garden, hence the name - Apple spas. There is also a belief in people that from that moment begins to be cold, indicating the approach of autumn. The young girl asked the apple of beauty and youth, weaving their foliage in circlets. Also, people came out in the field, and with songs and dances greeted incoming autumn. It is believed that during Apple spas the usual fruits acquire a magical power. Dish of apples must be present on a table in each house. Also, many believe that the weather on this day you can find out what will be the autumn and early winter. Rains promised snowy winter and the sunny day foreshadowed a clear and frosty January.

Walnut spas symbolized the beginning of the collection of forest nuts. It is the third and last spas in the year. Also, it is called the "bread", because at that time completed the harvest of spring crop. And all self-respecting hostess in the morning were engaged in preparing the dough and baking bread and cakes. On Wallnut spas usually new wells are blessed and old are cleaned before winter. In addition, you should drink water from underground sources, which in this day is considered curative. Honey Spas - indicates the beginning of collecting honey of apiaries. On this day you should cook honey cake, gingerbread and drink kvass, all with honey. According to ancient traditions it is important to treat each other this bee product.

The event also held a quiz with questions, by which all the guests were able to learn more about the beneficial properties of the beloved honey.

- The XXI century only a country where the people are strong union will survive. Our state - a stable state, the cornerstone of which is the equality of all peoples living in our country, regardless of religion and nationality "- said chairman of the regional Finno-Ugric EKO Nikolashina Olga. She thanked the EKO Chuvash asset represented by the Chairman Sofronova Helena for the excellent accommodation and holiday, which they gave to all the guests of the event.

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