Melodious play of dombra, Korkyt-ata, sitting in the tent and telling folk legends, which tells about the traditions and customs of the steppe - with this pageant began celebrating the Day of the Kazakh culture at KSU "Kogamdyk kelesim" Kostanay region.

Participants of the event dedicated to the 25th anniversary of Independence of the Republic of Kazakhstan and republican project "Big Country - Big Family" were the representatives of ethno-cultural associations, creative and scientific intelligence, students of colleges and schools of Kostanay.

- Kazakhstan - the land of the ancient civilization of the Eurasian continent, on which was the most important trade routes linking East and West. Kazakh people history was raised at the crossroads of two cultures, having absorbed the most valuable, finding a rich spiritual and cultural heritage, - noted in his speech the chairman of the Kazakh ethnic and cultural associations Kalkaman Zhakyp. - The wisdom of our ancestors was in everything, every detail, every ornament. Take, for example, a yurt. This is - the greatest and unique invention of the nomads. World-renowned scientists and art, appreciating wit steppe inhabitants, in various ethnographic exhibitions gave the highest rating to creativity of the Kazakh people.

The tent wearing parts, they all changed, except shanyrak, because he played in the life of the Kazakh special role. Prosperity, happiness, friendship, generosity in the house was associated with it, and it was impossible to demolish or dispose of shanyrak. In addition, the word "Shanyrak" was interpreted as "home", "house", "family". No wonder that shanyrak occupied a central place in the national emblem of Kazakhstan, representing the image of the common home of all ethnic groups living in our country. A role in consolidating the unity and cohesion of the ethnic groups belongs to the Kazakh language, which is the soul and the property of all people.

The concert was full of instrumental music. Spectators were able to enjoy kuis in different variations, performed by artists of regional philharmonic im.E.Umurzakova. Such works of folk art, as "Akku", "Daydidau", "Zheti zhek" presented the family duo Batyrbek and Laura Baynazarova, masterly owning playing the lute and kobyz.

- Our creative and marital union for more than 20 years - say the artists. - Over the years the repertoire has replenished with more than 100 kuis, we sang, going on tour in Russia, Ukraine, Germany, France and tore it the most applause. Foreigners are showing great interest in the original Kazakh culture, the original source of national musical instruments.

The final chord sounded in concert song "Menin Elim", which words were composed by our President Nursultan Nazarbayev.

- This song is from the first days of its existence, has gained national love, becoming a sort of unofficial anthem of our great country, - says the soloist-vocalist of the ensemble of folk music "Akzhelen" Manapbek Kadyrov, who performed it at the festival. - It passed such a palette of 'sons, paternal feelings for their homeland, to my dearly beloved people, earning a well-deserved popularity of the song.

At the end of the event the organizers have treated each viewer baursaks, which have already become a truly ethnobrend of Kazakhstan, symbolizing hospitality and cordiality of the Kazakh people.

Press service of KSU "Kogamdyk kelesim"

Kostanay region

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