Depositary of the Assembly of People of Kazakhstan

Depositary of the Assembly of People of Kazakhstan is successfully working in the National Academic Library of the Republic of Kazakhstan since 2009 year. Similar depositaries established in regional libraries.

The main aim - to collect, store and promote the achievements of the state in the sphere of national policy, the strengthening of the spiritual culture of kazakh society as an important condition for preserving the unity of people.

Primary sources are presented in the fund of depositary, introducing with the activities of the Assembly of People of Kazakhstan and its structures:

-books of President of the Republic of Kazakhstan - President of the Assembly of People of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev. Books published in many languages of  ethnic groups living in Kazakhstan;

-materials of annual sessions, the Council of APK;

- books about Kazakhstan's ethnic groups;

- documents about the activities of ethno-cultural associations;

-publishing of  scientific and expert community;

-materials of conferences, round tables, seminars on ethnic policy;

-publication of regional ethnic and cultural associations;

- photos revealing the diversity of the cultural life of the people of Kazakhstan.

Today Depositary of APK has more than 1,400 titles. The collection is presented in electronic format in the Kazakhstan National Electronic Library ( The electronic catalog presents: access to the full text of 470 e-copies of the most demanded documents: monographs, collections of scientific conferences, newsletters of regional departments of APK. In addition, more than 1,000 bibliographic records with the ability to order the track by e-mail.

During 2014 the number of virtual visits to the portal reached 111,973 visits from 80 countries (Russia, China, Germany, Turkey, USA, Australia, etc.).

Electronic Depositary of Assembly of People of Kazakhstan of KazNEL portal offers access to socio-critical information and at the same time shows Kazakhstan at the INTERNET as a country of interethnic harmony, stability and tolerance.


The exhibition's title: Depositary of the Assembly of People of Kazakhstan.



Section 1: Assembly – is the guarantee of public accord.

Quote: We Kazakhstanians - we are nation of united future. That says it all. If we – Kazakhstanians, there is no dividing lines should not be between ethnic groups. We have made significant progress in developing own model of stability and harmony in the country.

                                                                                              N. Nazarbayev

Section 2: The people, united by  single historical destiny.

 Quote: "Every ethnic group creates an ornament of his life, combining it with ornaments of other ethnic groups.

And together, we are creating a unique, colorful, priceless painting of Great Stories titled - Kazakhstan".

                                                                                             N. Nazarbayev.

Section 3: Scientific advisory council of APK.

Quote: "Society needs in clear description of processes taking place in this area, not only in Kazakhstan, but also all over the world, the knowledge of the possible prospects for the formation of inter-ethnic relations".

                                                                                            N. Nazarbayev

Section 4: "APK: regions, people, events".

Quote: History of Assembly - is the story of our stability. ... This is the most important thing for the people's memory, for friendship and understanding of people, for our children and grandchildren!

                                                                                            N. Nazarbayev

Section 5: The Assembly of People of Kazakhstan: history of two decades.

"Twenty years ago, we are the first created the Assembly of people, seeing in it a great opportunity of consolidation and unity of Kazakh people".

                                                                                            N. Nazarbayev


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