For the third year Pavlodar organizes "Melon Festival", which managed to catch the fancy of everyone. By tradition, the organizer of this remarkable event is the Tajik ethno-cultural association "Sitorai Somon". The celebration was attended by representatives of the regional ANC, campers in the park and permanent guests of the event - the townspeople.

Currently in Pavlodar region live around five hundred ethnic Tajiks. Despite this, in 2013, representatives of the Tajik intelligents expressed their desire to organize a cultural national center. Thus, in the same year, was held a grand opening of the Tajik ethnocultural association "Sitrai Somon". Currently, members of the association headed by the chairman Gulov Husayn Shomahmadovich actively participate in regional events, introducing people in the region with their own culture.

The culture of the Tajik people is truly distinctive and has its roots in antiquity. According to tradition, in the early morning the sounds of national musical instrument karnay beckon everyone to the celebration of the Melon Day, where everyone can demonstrate their achievements and share biggest and ripe melons with everyone. Thus, Sogdian farmers gave a tribute to this extraordinary fruit - melon.

Following the event were discussed health properties of melon, and how to choose the most delicious and ripe melon. The first sign of melon maturity is the same as of watermelon: a hollow sound. The second feature is the crust – it should be soft (if you click on it with the opposite side of the stem). It is necessary to remember that ripe melon has a delicious flavor. Melon prolongs youth, improves skin, mood, and has excellent anti-aging properties. According to the presenters, melon makes the hair shiny, eyes young, and people happy! It was observed that the melon flesh has serotonin - "happiness hormone", so it is useful for those who are often in a bad mood. But do not forget that melon contains a lot of heavy sugars, so it should not be consumed by overweight people and with diabetics.

According to the eastern hospitality, the guest is the main man in the house. Therefore, this day, following the traditions of Tajik people, the organizers could not leave our dear guests without treats. In honor of the holiday Tajik chef, right at the city park organised a huge kitchen and cooked pilaf, treating all the guests.

According to the ancient customs of eating melon, people say: praise farmer who sowed, collected and treated the melon! But this day words of gratitude sounded for those who ate it!

The event in honor of the ''melon queen'', was visited by Jakub Dzhabinov and KSE "Kogamdyk kelіsіm" expert Alicia Osmanova. Choreographic ensemble under the leadership of Nurlan Bekov from the House of Friendship, amused the audience with a beautiful and fiery Tajik dances.

Competitions and entertainment activities followed the event. During the quiz "Fasteaters" participants were able to freely enjoy the taste of ripe melons, in the quiz "Sharpshooter", and the strongest competited in "Watermelons weightlifting".

Aytpaev Maksat

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