In Zhambyl region Dungans is one of numerous nationalities. They cherish their culture, traditions and customs, native language. Young people brought up in the spirit of patriotism, respect, hospitality and diligence. As a result, the people have always honored the opinion of senior, but the word of the elders is the most compelling.

- Recently, the elders decided that occurring of youth problems may come from craving for alcohol, - said the head of the Association of Dungan cultural centers of Zhambyl oblast "Vynhua" Ruslan Ismazov. - With help of elders and imams we appealed to entrepreneurs with a request to exclude from the shops beverages as far as possible, and tobacco. As a result, several villages of Kordai district and Zhalpak tobe Zhambyl region is almost completely abandoned the sale of wine and vodka products, and some do not even have cigarettes.

Effectiveness of this measure, the villagers felt immediately. In the villages dramatically decreased the numbers of offenses and hundreds of children have adopted a healthy lifestyle.

There are other measures initiated by the elders. So during the marriage the couple pass to the imams original examination on ethics, as well as knowledge of religious canons on Family Relations. It will make a big difference in the life of a young family in the future.

Kazakhstan People's Assembly today attaches great importance to education of youth and its integration into society. Important role played by the Council of public consent, which holds meetings and discussions with representatives of the younger generation. They first complained of threats of terrorism and extremism, the need to maintain peace and harmony in our country, respect for the culture, traditions and customs of other peoples living in Kazakhstan. Undoubtedly, this work is paying off, and it will continue.

Press service of KSU «Kogamdyk kelesim»

Zhambyl oblast akim apparatus.

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