Within the framework of the republican campaign "Ak Oramal", aimed at ensuring the promotion of the Manifest "Peace. XXI Century ", voiced by the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan N.A. Nazarbayev at the VIth Summit on Nuclear Security in Washington. In Petropavlovsk was held an extended meeting of the Mothers Council of the Assembly of the People of Kazakhstan "Mothers for peace and harmony in our mutual home."

The event was attended by the APK members, the Mothers Council, representatives of government agencies and ethno-cultural associations, youth and media.

Delegation Chairmen and members of the Mothers Council from all over the region were divided into 3 groups, for the following events:

- I. "Family-run City Quest" in Victory Park

- II. Meeting of the Mothers Councils with soldiers of the military unit 6637 "For a Nuclear-Free World in the XXI century"

- III. The seminar on self-discovery: "life fullfilment and happiness come from the mother" for the Council members in Petropavlovsk ATC's.

The event ended with a plenary session in the conference hall of the Palace of Youth and instructive - methodical meeting with the chairpersons of the district and Mothers Council.

The meeting was opened by Kulyumkoz Smailova, chairman of the Assembly of the People of Kazakhstan, Mothers Council of North Kazakhstan region and Nail Salimov - the head of the North Kazakhstan regional Assembly of the People of Kazakhstan.

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