On the initiative of the President Nursultan Nazarbayev in 2013 for the first time in our country was established a Family Day, which is celebrated in Kazakhstan every second Sunday of September. On the eve of the holiday the Assembly of the People of Kazakhstan and the Secretariat of KSE "Kogamdyk kelіsіm", Mangistau region akim apparatus together with the People's democratic Party "Nur Otan" organized a meeting with international families.

The event was attended by the Head of the Secretariat of the Assembly of the People of Kazakhstan, Mangistau region, the staff of KSE "Kogamdyk kelіsіm", akim apparatus and the party "Nur Otan", chairmen of ethnocultural associations, members of the ANC youth organization "Zhas Kanat".

The members of the international families told young members of life values. Multi-ethnic families live in unity and harmony. This is an indication that people are not indifferent to the traditions and customs of other ethnic groups. It is an expression of respect and friendship between the peoples living under a single shanyrak of peace and harmony.

- International family not in words but in my own experience demonstrate the tolerance and respect for the traditions and customs of other ethnic groups. We go to each other's homes, and know how to run a traditional wedding in different nations, what's the difference and similarity of traditions ... - said Madenova Raisa, chairman of Korean ethnocultural association "Chosun".

Young people were interested in the history of every family, they asked the questions and congratulated each other on the holiday.

Press service of KSE "Kogamdyk kelіsіm" AA MO

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