Feels like Olympic spirit

In sports festival of Assembly of People of Kazakhstan "Olympic summer - El Ruhy" dedicated to the 25th anniversary of Independence of the Republic of Kazakhstan, which passed from 17 to 19 August in the city of Astana, Nazarbayev University, along with teams from all regions of the republic took part and athletes Akmola region. Women’s volleyball team (Z.K. Akhmetov), as well as arm wrestling athletes (I.S.Ilyin), togyzkumalak (M.I. Dzhambentalin) and Kazakh wrestling (A.K. Issin) attended the competition.

August 17 during the grand opening of the Olympics at the Plaza, honored athletes and the deputies of the Majilis held their speeches. All the action was accompanied by a dances and demonstration performances of athletes.

Tense competitions lasted two days. It should be noted, that the involved teams and athletes already identify themselves at the national and international level. Exciting battles were in competitions of Kazakh wrestling, taekwondo, table tennis and mini-football. Beautiful game of volleyball captured viewers’ with technique and strength. All the declared competitions took place in the huge sports complex of Nazarbayev University at the same time.

 At the end of the event was a truly original performance - demonstration fight of team members of national sports game "Tatarsha kuryash" (wrestling on belts) members LLP "Tatar Cultural Centre", with the support coordinator Abdulhafeeva F. J. and under the guidance of coach Iskakova M.S., athletes Bazarbek R.S. and Shalgymbay A.A. presented KSU "Kogamdyk kelesim" at the Office of the akim of Akmola region. Perfected fighting technique, beautiful shots were appreciated by the audience. Our athletes looked very colorful in sports forms, made especially for the event.

Competitions in Astana to support Kazakhstani Olympic athletes in Rio ended with a festive dinner for all the participants, members of the jury and guests.

Three days of competition flew intense, received the best evaluation at the final awarding of the athletes and teams. Our athletes competing in arm wrestling took their places on the podium - 2nd place Oleg Sazonov and 3rd place Ischanova Diana. It should be especially noted that Akmola region entered the top five in the team event.

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