September 10, 2016 at the House of Friendship in Almaty with the support of the KSU "Kogamdyk kelisim" of Almaty Akimat and Mothers Councis under the APK the city festival "Day of family psychology" was held.

The centers and specialists providing psychological assistance to the population was presented at the festival: Family-Psychological Center KIDO, the center of modern psychological technologies and psychotherapy OMTIME, Association of Breastfeeding "Milk aid", child safety center "Angel", "Workshop of psychological practice" of Elena Shevelyova, project of the suicidal behavior among adolescents and young people prevention TEENS, project of dance-movement therapist Gulnur Kulkybaeva "Happy dance".

Welcoming remarks were made by: Svetlana Bogatyreva, director of the Women's Leadership Project Fund; Aynur Zhakupova, head of KSU "Kogamdyk kelisim" of Almaty akimat; Olga Kolesnikova, a spokesman of the Mothers Council for the Assembly of the Kazakhstan people in Almaty city; Elena Kess, vice chairman of the Association of Germans of Kazakhstan "Renaissance"; Saul Kasimdzhanov, deputy director of LLP "Family and Psychological Center" KIDO. "

Workshops on relevant topics have been carried out: "How to educate children", "What if the family is incomplete", "How to raise a child with special needs", "Child safety", etc. Also was individual sessions for women – “How to reduce weight”, “dance session”, and for children – game therapy, sand therapy, drawing, training on awareness of yourself in this world.

Classes were held in the hall and on the outdoor playground.

In the finale of the Festival visitors took part in the drawing, in which many have received prizes and gifts.

On the territory of the event was organized a photo exhibition "My roots", in which were presented photos of Kazakhstan people, depicting their families, which have been pre-assembled in the competition format. The best photos were by Baktygul and Helen. The winners were awarded with the participation in the workshop for parents from the famous St. Petersburg psychologist Dima Zitser.

Thanks and positive feedback from participants has shown how important in the modern world the psychological knowledge of how they can help people in everyday life.

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