First regional Scientific-Practical workshop

Scientific-practical seminar "Menin Elim - Mangilik El"(“My country is an ageless country”) was held on August 19 in the village of Tole Bi Shu district of Zhambyl region. Its members - chairmen of the Councils of Public Consent Under The APK and leaders of ethno cultural associations of three major areas, situated far from the regional center: Shu, Kordai and Moyinkum.

The workshop was opened by head of KSU "Kogamdyk Kelesim" of Akim’s administration in Zhambyl region, Rano Ubaydullaeva. Chief expert Larisa Lisova raised the theme "Topical issues of modernization of public consent councils in rural areas as part of the realization of Patriotic Act "Mangilik El".

Deputy Chairman of the Scientific-Expert Group of Regional Assembly of People of Kazakhstan, PhD, associate professor TarSU, Parida Mammadova spoke about "the role of public consent councils in stabilizing ethnic situation in the region." Master of Laws, lecturer TarSU Askar Kadyrkulov through the conversation shared with participants of workshop the principles of legal and scientific competence to ensure social cohesion and national unity.

According to L. Lysova, the workshop pursued and successfully achieved several objectives.

Through monitoring it was revealed that not all regional Councils of Public Consent and specialists of departments of internal policy in local government offices have established contacts with the chairmen of village Councils of Public Consent. This gap has been eliminated. "It was very important for us to consider the work of these councils through the prism of the Patriotic Act " Mangilik El", - said Larisa – to determine the place of councils in the implementation of this document. Together we have identified seven basic values ​​of the act and discussed, where, how and what can Councils of Public Consent do to help formate a nation with united future and for strengthening national identity. The workshop gave ability to raise the legal, ethnic and cultural competence of mediation of its participants.

It was about the development and transformation of the model of inter-ethnic harmony and tolerance into a new model of social cohesion and national unity on the basis of the "Mangilik El" idea. Thus we complete the alignment of the APK structure to the level of villages and towns."

The results of scientific - practical workshops satisfied both the organizers and participants. In September, three similar regional workshops will take place.

Press service of KSU " Kogamdyk kelіsіm " Zhambyl Region,

 Akimat Executive office

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