A significant event was the forum "Yrys aldy - Yntymak", held in the provincial House of Friendship of Uralsk, which was attended by the elders of the area, which gave good parting students.

The forum was attended by war and labor veterans, members of the Council of Elders of the West Kazakhstan regional Assembly of People of Kazakhstan, the Board of mothers, representatives of KSU «Kogamdyk kelesim», youth leaders, and students.

According to the head of KSU «Kogamdyk kelesim» Alexander Azhgaliev Forum "Yrysaldy - Yntymak" held in year 25 anniversary of Independence and is primarily aimed at raising the continuity of generations, the transfer of young people experience the life of our older generation, mandates from aksakals young citizens of the country, education of the Kazakhstan patriotism.

- Today at the forum not only respected people involved, people who worked with their hands on the history of our city and the West Kazakhstan region. This is not simply a forum, it is - the relationship between the generations. And we are on the eve of the 25th anniversary of Independence of Kazakhstan, when summed up creativity and working for 25 years, to exchange views. The hall sits a lot of young people, and we hope that all the thoughts, aspirations of the older generation in their address, will be received and taken to the heart of the leadership in the future life of the new generation of Kazakhstanis.

Participants of the meeting was presented by The Chairman of the Council of Elders APK WKR Rahmetulla Suerbaev, noting that APK members, community leaders, people with rich life and work experience meet with young people all the time. All the achievements of independent Kazakhstan became possible thanks to the work of millions of workers.

- Our generation passed the war and the hardships of post-war period, when there was not enough food, clothing. They carried on their shoulders the severity of the post-war period, the development of the national economy, and are now retired; they give their power the establishment of the country, - said R. Suerbaev.

Indeed, the participants made a great contribution to the history of not only Kazakhstan, but also across the former Soviet Union and continue to work for the benefit of the younger generation of patriotic education.

Veteran of the II World War, for many years worked in the Prosecutor's Office, a member of the first parade in 1945 on Red Square in Moscow, Ivan Stepanovich Gapich - a man of legend.

A huge contribution to the edges of the story makes a writer, translator, honorary citizen and chairman of the Burlin District Council of Elders, a representative of the Chechen-Ingush EKC "Vainakh" Mukhtar Bokaev.

Widely known in his native Urals, Hamza Abdrahmanovich Safin, honored builder, a war veteran. Vasiliy Baev - man, brought up and educated for their teaching activity thousands of graduates who now work for the benefit of the Fatherland, he was one of the influential teachers of our region, which entered the history of the whole of Kazakhstan, Honored Worker of Education of the Republic. Good parting words was said to young people by Gregory Te - "Honored road builder", the chairman of the Korean Forensic Science Center of the Council of Elders and APK member Council of Elders of the WKO, the representative of the Azerbaijani EKC Alibala Mirzoyev.

During the meeting, the distinguished youth asked questions to aksakals, including those about which the development of the elders to see the three languages, which spiritual qualities they value in people, how to set a goal in life. An interesting conversation took place about all-Kazakhstan idea of ​​"Mangilik El", in addition, veterans were asked several questions about their frontline everyday life.

The meeting was held in a warm, friendly atmosphere and ended with the performance of young poets, artists and kyuis were performed the song "My dear old" and "Atameken".

Press - service of KSU "Kogamdyk kelіsim" WKR Akim apparatus

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