December 2, 2016 the House of Culture named after Kurmangazy held the friendship festival dedicated to 25th anniversary of Independence of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Organizers: Assembly of People of Kazakhstan, "Kogamdyk kelіsіm" of executive office of akim of Atyrau region and labor collective of the Atyrau refinery.

The festival aims and objectives: to preserve the unity of the people of Kazakhstan and develop the variety of cultural characteristics of our country, demonstrate the relationship of ethnic groups, identify and motivate talented performers among labor collectives, and promote the development of professional skills of performers.

The event was attended by the  APK of Atyrau region, the collective "Kogamdyk kelіsіm", heads and members of ethnic and cultural associations, labor collective of the Atyrau refinery and veterans of oil and gas sector.        

The guests saw the report by the Deputy Director General of the Atyrau refinery - chief engineer, Denis Veniaminovich Kozyrev. Having congratulated those present on the holiday, he disclosed of the event purpose and spoke about the main values of our society - the friendship and unity of the people of Kazakhstan, the need to maintain and strengthen public consent.

The labor collective of the plant during the event, together with representatives of ethno-cultural associations of the region demonstrated the customs and traditions of Kazakh people and ethnic groups living in the Atyrau region: they presented Russian, Ukrainian, German, Chechen, Tatar and Uyghur nationality. Representatives of all these ethnic groups are working at the plant. They were creative for their performances, with their ideas. They presented national costumes, cuisine, talked about the most outstanding traditions and ceremonies, performed national dances and songs, while retaining the identity of national culture, language and history.

Kazakhstan is a country where representatives of different nationalities have been living for centuries in peace and friendship. The festival became a bright, creatively saturated, and most importantly, a memorable experience for everyone who took part in it or was just a spectator. In the atmosphere of true friendship, mutual understanding and such truths as the peace and harmony that prevail in our home state, the Republic of Kazakhstan, this wonderful holiday was held.

Press Office of MPI «Kogamdyk kelisim»

of Executive Office of Akim of Atyrau region

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