From pure heart and with love!

Festival "We live in one family" has not lost its popularity. Last weekend in the city park for culture and recreation was held a festival of German IVF program "Revival", dedicated to the 25th anniversary of Independence of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Already for 26 years public association "Pavlodar regional society of Germans "Revival" conducts its work. In total there are more than 6,000 members with ffective and independent units in the cities of Aksu and Ekibastuz branches in the villages of the Uspenskogo and Sharbaktinskogo, Pavlodar region. During its activity the regional society of Germans "Revival" has made a significant contribution to the development and strengthening of inter-ethnic relations and added a distinctive and unique color palette to multinational Kazakhstan.

All guests of the event were congratulated by Deputy Chairman of the Assembly of the People of Kazakhstan, Pavlodar region Zhetpisbayev Seisembayev Kalizhanovich the Day of Culture of the German people and the Constitution Day of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Also in his speech, he spoke in detail about the purpose of the festival. According to Seysembay Kalizhanovich, the purpose of the annual festival: "We live in a single family" is preservation and development of cultural identity of the people living on Pavlodar land, strengthening their cultural and spiritual unity, harmonization of interethnic relations and the consolidation of society. Also Zhetpysbaev S.K., handed letters of thanks to the members of the Assembly of Pavlodar region, to guests from Russian border regions, the Altai Territory, German National District, Marina V. S. Galbshtadt, Starzhinskiy and Zaikina Nadezhda Petrovna, for their personal contribution in strengthening of peace, stability and harmony, preservation and promotion of cultural heritage. It is gratifying to note that the creative teams of the German center of the Altai Territory, the heads Nadezhda and Marina V., also took an active part in the concert program.

Also in the framework of the program on the stage, were invited members of the board of Pavlodar company "Renaissance", a deputy city maslikhat Deimundo Victor G., who, on behalf of the Board of the German Society congratulated all the guests with the 25th anniversary of Independence of the Republic of Kazakhstan and wished good mood and well-being. He expressed words of gratitude to the creative teams of the regional German IVF "Revival" and the German center of Altai Territory for the moments of pleasure, which they delivered.

The concert program was full with interesting and useful content, - songs in Kazakh, German and Russian languages together with the scenes of theatrical history.

Vocal youth team defended its title as the People's. As a part of the concert the audience had the opportunity to enjoy the performances of folk band "Veer" of regional society of Germans "Revival" and many other creative teams of ECO.

Just a week before the festival theater group "Faden" returned from a fascinating trip through Germany. They met their peers, lovers of theater art in Noyshdatd city. This day, the guests were offered a miniature theater on the poem of Vladimir Vysotsky "Ballad about love".

In their colorful German national costumes children sang songs and danced polka. Many artists came from Aksu, Sharbakty and Uspenka.

As it was told by the organizers, in our modern world, tolerance is more important than ever, it is respect, acceptance and understanding of the richness and diversity of cultures of our peoples, their customs, and hospitality. "Guest is a messenger of God," he is invited to the house and offers all the best. So, on this day everyone felt themselves welcomed at the festival. All the guests were introduced to traditional German pastries of popular ancient recipes, prepared specially for the celebration with pure soul and with love!

On the celebration were famous games such as competition in the most well-known "Dartz" the fastest - "Running with mugs of beer," and the competition "Who will eat the sausage".

Aytpaev Maksat

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