In Kokshetau city junior library, 27th September 2016 was held a charity event "Rizashylyk, meyirim Shyn zhurekten balaga", which has taken start at September 7 of this year in the framework of the charitable action "Shyn zhurekten" and the telethon, which starts on the 29th September 2016 of the year.

The purpose of the event - is to impart to the younger generation the ability to be compassionate, to come to the aid of those who need support, be kind, patient, and know such concepts as generosity, mutual aid, and charity.

The participants - children with disabilities in violation of the musculoskeletal system from "AYALA" Center in collaboration with teachers, children with psycho-neurological abnormalities, students of 4 classes of Kokshetau Nazarbayev intellectual school, and parents.

The initiator of the national Telethon "Shyn zhurekten" is the Council of the mothers at the Assembly of People of Kazakhstan, Akmola, which launched the charity campaign.

Honorary Worker of Education of Kazakhstan, member of the City Council of the "Nur Otan" branch, the chairman of Akmola Assembly of the Council of People of Kazakhstan mothers Zere Kiikova told about the second part of charity "Shyn zhurekten".

The representative of the Azerbaijani ethno-cultural center, mother’s Council member Zenfira Novruzova gave gifts to children.

Representatives of the above-mentioned medical institutions for children with disabilities Oryntay Kasenova and Elmira Sayfutdinova familiarized the participants with their work.

Talented children with disabilities, who came to the meeting, together with their teachers, sang songs, recited poems, danced and presented an exhibition of creative works.

Students of 4 grades of Kokshetau Nazarbayev Intellectual School together with teachers Bayan Kulmaganbetova and Aynur Sabdinoy, and parents presented gifts to children with disabilities and made for them the sweet table.

Bakhyt Muhamedrahimova-Tasova,

Press Secretary KSU «Kogamdyk kelesim»

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