GENERAL ASSEMBLY "The Assembly of Peoples of Kazakhstan - a unique model of unity and harmony"

As part of the International Youth Camp "Birlik-EDINSTVO.KZ" in the tourist - health complex "Eurasia", Uralsk, West Kazakhstan region, held a general session on the topic: "The Assembly of People of Kazakhstan - a unique model of unity and harmony," where speakers were Director of the Republican State Institution "Kogamdyk Kelesim" under the President of Kazakhstan Natalya Kalashnikova.

Natalia Pavlovna told about the history of the Assembly, the role of the ANC in the public life of the country, which has developed projects for the Assembly to strengthen peace and harmony in the society, about the history of the formation of multi-ethnic Kazakhstan, Kazakhstan People's Assembly of the structure of the base in legislative and other formations.

In addition, Natalia Pavlovna stopped at the major projects carried out by the Assembly of People of Kazakhstan is a projects such as the "big country - a big family" "Kamkor", "Memory of the Future" and others.

"Its already the seventh year, as there is a project of "Birlik-EDINSTVO.KZ" under the auspices of the Assembly of People of Kazakhstan. Today it has grown to a very large project for the development of friendship and cooperation between youth organizations of the border states. Such projects are the development of the younger generation of bold ambitious ideas aimed at strengthening the social consensus ", - Natalia Pavlovna said in her speech

Also during the session, the participants of the camp were divided into three teams and wrote their answers to the question: "What can I do to strengthen friendship and peace in Kazakhstan."

The work camp continues and today promises to be saturated.

KSU “Kogamdyk Kelesim” Western Kazakhstan Akimat Executive office

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