At this time the noble mission of "Umit uzbeu" foundation was to provide material and moral support to 80 children from socially vulnerable groups.

We have helped to gather 80 children from the region in the school, we were asked by many children, parents and guardians of Pavlodar, including Leninskoe settlement, Maiskiy and Zhelezinka districts. All children had received clothes, products and portfolios supported by "the Commission for working women of Pavlodar region" Territorial Association of Trade Unions, headed by Daumova R.J. For 35 orphans left without parental care in the cafe "Bourbon" was organized the holiday table and they were presented with gifts. Our goal - is to prevent children from low-income families for some social reasons are not able to attend classes at school (we have helped to deal with this problem). 
Director of the Fund "Umit uzbeu" is Gauhar Omarova.

Also, for children with special needs, we held a training workshop "Create beauty with their hands", to create crafts and souvenirs from the improvised means, transmits pavlodarnews.kz reports. To the Day of Knowledge in public "Umit Uzbeu" Foundation Center of Youth Initiatives, together with the author's studio of Anna Shikhova we held an event for children with special needs. Children with great pleasure participated in the creation of beauty with his own hands. Our main task was to develop the best possible job of fingers, because most children have problems with motor skills. The guys had the opportunity to devote a whole day to creativity, knowledge of the world. After the master class we brought the children to the public beach, and they had run around in the hot sand and jump on trampolines. They loved it, they were happy. After all events "Pretzel" coffee house organized dinner for them. "We made sure that all the children have gone with the gifts", - said the head of public fund "Umit үzbeu" Gauhar Omarova. Director of the Foundation said that in the future is going to hold similar events. - Master classes will hold in the future, but for this we need to buy the materials, and as you know, we have no means.

Another of our event is conduction of charity concert "Zhurekten zhurekke" to help in the treatment of Abysheva Tahmina. 
We are very pleased that the result exceeded our expectations. I think that God is always with us. So I want to say kind words to those who were with us on that day. Such a satisfaction you get when you see that with each passing year, the number of kind and sympathetic people to become more and more. Join "Do good things for the good of children."

Gauhar Omarova, Director of the Public Fund “Umit үzbeu”

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