These three words are united by a common sense, have become key to the family outing organized by KSU "Kogamdyk kelesim" Kostanay region.

In the home and relaxed atmosphere 18 families, chairmen of ethnocultural associations, members of the scientific and expert group, the Council of public consent and mothers Council spent the evening with artists, sharing their secrets of marital happiness.

The event was of an informal nature, and was similar to the popular and well-liked TV show "So far, all the houses," where family members could gather at one table and drink tea with different goodies. But first, each family represented in duets, trios and quartets, has gone through an improvised photo studio, which was led by a talented Kostanay photographer Georgy Shapovalov. At the end of the evening participants photo replenished memorable family portraits.

- Surprise was unexpected, but very pleasant, - said the chairman of the scientific and expert group of the APK regional Alimzhan Bekmagambetov who came on holiday with his wife Aigul and youngest son Ansar. - In our family we have eldest son with a sonorous name Adilet. We named him not accidently: I've always wanted that in my family was right, and now it is achieved on mutual respect, honesty and sincerity!

- In Russian and Kazakhs large family from immemorial time has been a role model, and motherhood was considered the main value of women, the meaning and content of its life - stressed member of the Russian community Yuri Ivlev. - In Kirghiz culture the child was considered a symbol of immortality, so pregnant women are fully guarded. In principle, each ethnic family plays a big role, and family values ​​are revered and passed down from generation to generation. This is evidenced by our President Nursultan Nazarbayev, in establishing the Family Day. New festival aims to strengthen the institution of marriage and the family, morality and spirituality in society, as well as education of the Kazakhstan patriotism. No wonder the Kazakh proverb says: "Otandy suyu - otbasynan bastalady" - "Love for the motherland begins with love to the family hearth!"

Press service of KSU "Kogamdyk kelesim"

akimat of Kostanay region

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