Jewish ethnocultural association "Alia" was established in March 2000, and for sixteen years actively participates in all activities undertaken by the Regional Assembly of People of Kazakhstan.

The Atyrau region is home to about 300 Jews who honor the traditions and customs of their ancestors, carry out activities aimed at preserving the language, culture, history, ethnic group, as well as promoting the core values ​​of society: peace, harmony and mutual understanding.

In order to familiarize residents with the culture, traditions and customs of the Jewish people 2 on October 2016, the House of Friendship Jewish ethnocultural association "Alia" said a national holiday "Rosh Hashanah", the holiday that marks the beginning of the year in the Jewish calendar. The event was attended by members of ethnocultural associations of Atyrau region, residents, government representatives and the media.

The guests was welcomed by the chairman of the Jewish ethnocultural association "Alia" Tkach Pavel Petrovich, acquainted with the peculiarities of Jewish culture, he gave a detailed description of the holiday "Rosh Hashanah". Event organizers thanked the citizens for their interest in the culture and history of the Jewish people, and noted that Elbasy creates all conditions for the preservation of language and folk traditions of different ethnic groups living in the country.

Congratulations were the head of KSU «Kogamdyk kelesim» Atyrau region Akim Aman-Turlina Tamara Utegenovna, members of ethno-cultural associations.

The event continued with a concert program with participation of children's creative collectives of the Jewish ethnocultural association were choreographic, poems, jokes. From the Jewish culture of the guests introduced through theatrical performances, music, and literature.

Before sunset were lit holiday candles - a symbol of warmth, light and peace. In honor of the Jewish family lighting a candle is given to women, keepers of warmth and coziness of the Jewish home. It is believed that the festival comes to the house since the mistress of the house lights a candle.

Members and guests of the holiday "Rosh Hashanah" received pleasure from the event.

Press service of KSU «Kogamdyk kelesim»

apparatus of Atyrau oblast akim

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