In Kostanay in bright colors was celebrated the Day of the Tajik-Uzbek culture.

At two o'clock the hall and concert hall KSU "Kogamdyk kelesim" immersed in a fairy tale, and transported to the place where time does not tolerate vanity, where white-bearded elders slowly savor the tea made from alpine herbs, and conduct unhurried conversations about the meaning of life and existence.

Honorary guests of the event were the students of the fourth year of the Academy of MIA RK Kostanay named after Shrakbek Kabylbaev - Said Rakhmonov, Subhon Shermatov, and Muhiddin Dilshod Saidov. The latter, incidentally, not only with classmates greeted the audience in the Tajik language, but also sang, played up his national Tajik Percussion musical instruments "doira" (tambourine).

Children in January 2017 completed their studies at the Academy, where they studied on a grant basis for four years under the intergovernmental agreement between Kazakhstan and Tajikistan.

- We come from Dushanbe. Before I get to study here, I have passed a tough selection. At home were standouts here, too, tried and tried to study well. True, at first it was hard with the language, because of bad knowledge of Russian. We learned it only here, than later we began to understand a little bit in Kazakh. Tajik is quite another language group, not as an Uzbek which is the same Turkic basis with Kazakh. By the way, before we dispatch to Kostanay, we have never been before in Kazakhstan. Of course, I had to get used to your northern frost - Dilshod and Said smiled. - Astana impressed us - a beautiful and modern capital, and yet we came to taste beshbarmak and baursaks. It is nice that in Kostanai has a Tajik-Uzbek community; we were delighted to be present at the festival, as if the house visited.

Another direct participant of the concert program was a second year student of Kostanai pedagogical college - 18-year-old Nigora Kosimova. She was born in Tashkent, in the Uzbek-Russian international family.

- Five years later, we moved to Kostanay, where we live for today, - says Nigora. - Of course, I was little, but still remember the sunny streets of Tashkent, the most fragrant in the world and the most delicious apricot pilaf, which melted in the mouth. From my historical homeland I got a rare name "Nigora", which translates as "beloved." I try not to forget their roots, so, learning from choreographer to present a solo concert prepared Uzbek dance and showed it to the audience.

Congratulate the Tajik-Uzbek community "Shark" came Kostanai representatives of other ethnic and cultural associations, giving their musical numbers. Thus, an activist of the Jewish ethnic centers Alexanin Vladimir sang the famous hit - Uzbek VIA "Yalla" - "Chaihana".

- These Days our Culture in the regional Friendship House are held for the second month in the framework of the national project "Big Country - Big Family", - says head of the regional secretariat of the Assembly of People of Kazakhstan Gulvira Kudaykulova. - Tajik-Uzbek community "Shark" has been registered in the region April 3, 2003. On the territory of our region, according to the latest census, population of Tajik and Uzbek ethnic groups is a little more than a thousand representatives. Permanent chairman of the community is Holmetov Ergashvoy Ermatovich. Unfortunately, he is unable to attend the event because he had to go on working cases in Tajikistan.

Note that the "Shark" community activists have a great charitable assistance and for 13 consecutive years of patronage over the pupils of the village of family type "Zhanuya", brought here every year in late August and early September, fruits, dried fruits, canned vegetables, fruit, juice.

It is gratifying that this year marks not only for Kazakhstan, but also in Tajikistan and Uzbekistan, which also marks the 25th anniversary of its Independence. Each of the union republics went their sovereign way, each has had some success. Most importantly, in our countries of a story, it was always quiet and calm. At the present time the greatest value - is peace and well-being of the people!

Press service of KSU "Kogamdyk kelesim" Kostanay region

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