Lawyers, representatives of NGOs, the North Kazakhstan regional Assembly of People of Kazakhstan KSU «Kogamdyk kelesim» and state authorities came to the House of friendship, to discuss proposed changes to the law "On Probation" to make the document effective as possible.

Probation service in Kazakhstan created in the past year. According to experts of the Department of the correctional system, during which time she was able to prove itself. For example, in our region there are fewer recurrences.

Temirzhan Elzhasov, head of the department for the management Probation Service Department of the penitentiary system in the North-Kazakhstan region:

- Probation Service assisted in the preparation of social and legal assistance to convicts on probation, to restrict freedoms, as well as those released on parole. In 2015, was assisted in the preparation of social and legal assistance to 962 persons. There were composed 1163 individual programs.

According to the experience of foreign countries in Kazakhstan plan to create 4 models probation. Now there are two: the conditional decisional and post-penitentiary.

Those who will work directly under the new bill, are already familiar with his concept. There are many questions. There are also suggestions.

Pavel Afanasyev, deputy of city maslikhat:

- The law should provide for greater competence local government offices, to consider their financial capabilities and attract potential employers in employment quotas for such persons. We need some way to encourage them.

Participants of the round table in solidarity are that it is necessary to create jobs, first of all, for the prisoners and those who are released. Explain - if a person is confident in the future, it will not go on the offense. Deputy akim of the region Anarhan Dyusenova notes in dealing with convicted should be interested in all state bodies:

- This social protection bodies, where we give the data on employment and health care, where the liberated receive treatment and education, where learning. Man alone cannot exist without society.

All suggestions made by the round table, send the developers.

Press service of KSU »Kogamdyk kelesim»

SI "Machinery of akim of North Kazakhstan region"

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