In the current flow of events, which took place throughout Kazakhstan, do not forget about the family holiday.

On September 9 in Zhastar Park, House of Friendship, the center of social consensus has been prepared a bright and colorful show "Labor dynasty - the pride of the country". On the event were invited the families, proudly transmitting labor traditions from generation to generation.

For example, the founder of the railroad dynasty Kaziev Zhumagali worked for the native production 28 years. His knowledge was passed to the children - three sons and three daughters, and now the grandchildren. The total number of his relatives, who proudly carry the banner of the company "Kazakhstan Temir Zholy" is 20 people! 555 years that's the number we get if we add the experience of each member of the family.

The dynasty of teachers was represented by Prischepchik family, a dynasty of doctors by the Yugay family, Botschagow family (landscape architects) and Rakishevs working in the House of Friendship.

Friendly families and guests of the event were congratulated by the creative teams of the House of Friendship, as well as a special guest - the honored worker of the Republic of Kazakhstan Oleg Vukkert known not only in our city, but also far beyond the borders of Kazakhstan, who conquered the participants hearts performing songs: "We Were Young" and "We bow to doctors!"

On behalf of the House of Friendship, Deputy Director Dotsenko O.B., handed cash envelopes and bouquets to labor dynasties with the warmest wishes.

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