10 years ago on September 7, President of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev visited new regional Friendship House which brought together under its shanyrak 16 ethno-cultural associations. To date, there are 18 communities: one of the last registered was Kyrgyz ECO "Asaba" and Turkish EKO "Akhyska".

The purpose of opening the House of Friendship was the strengthening of inter-ethnic harmony, revival of languages, traditions and culture of ethnic groups living in Kazakhstan, as well as the education of the younger generation in the spirit of patriotism. In KSE "Kogamdyk kelіsіm" 8 communities and Sunday schools set up creative teams that performed at various venues.

- The primary mission of the activities of the House of Friendship, and the Assembly of the People of Kazakhstan in the field is to guide and maintain social harmony, national unity and, most importantly, peace - said the head of the secretariat of the Regional Assembly of the People of Kazakhstan Gulvira Kudaykulova. A symbol of peace, as you know, are the white doves, which were launched into the sky at the very beginning of our holiday activities by young representatives of the Children's Assembly Taran District, initiated by the director of the kindergarten "Baldauren" Irina Serous.

In addition to the 25 white doves were soared into the sky blue and yellow balloons in honor of the upcoming national holiday - the Independence Day of Kazakhstan. The holiday took a place on the open air in the courtyard of the Regional Department for Culture, which housed a colorful exhibition of arts and crafts of ethnic and cultural associations, photo exhibition "Faces of the Assembly" with the participation of the President Nursultan Nazarbayev.

- In 2006 I was lucky to sing for our President a patriotic song "We together", - says the 11-grade pupil of the school-lyceum №2 Anna Uvarova. - I was only 7 years old, but the memories of that day are still in my memory. It is nice to see the overall picture of children who were at the meeting with Nursultan Nazarbayev. It was held in the most prominent place in the hall "Kogamdyk kelіsіm". I remember how Kostanayt citizens gathered near the House of Friendship and warmly welcomed Elbasy.

This day is remembered by those who stood at the origins of the House of Friendship - its first director Yuri Ivlev Anton Truhanov, who were awarded letters of thanks signed by the head of the region and presented by the deputy akim Marat Zhundubaeva. In the same letter for a fruitful and active cross-border cooperation with Kostanay "fellow" was marked the director of the Friendship House, Chelyabinsk region – Yulia Lapidus.

- Every year we visit Kostanay on various events, entertaining together and borrow interesting ideas, - said Yulia Alexandrovna. - We have not only common history and border, but also a spiritual connection. And these threads of friendship become only stronger every year. I would like to congratulate Kostanay colleagues with the jubilee and wish them well being and all the best!

Letters of thanks received ex-heads of the regional Assembly of the People of Kazakhstan Vishnichenko V.G., Dandybaev B.A., Petruhno T.V., as well as employee KSE "Kogamdyk kelіsіm" Sergei Kalmykov in the House of Friendship dedicated to 10-year-old employment anniversary. With the congratulations to "Kogamdyk kelіsіm" spoke the Secretary of the regional maslikhat Eschanov S.E., Chairman of the regional council of veterans Ukin K.U., Director of Regional Russian Drama Theatre, the chairman of the Russian community Ivlev Y.I.

- During 10 years the House of Friendship has realized more than a hundred different projects, events, flash mobs, concerts, dialogue platforms, mostly dedicated to the the words declared by the Leader of Nation Nursultan Nazarbayev in Strategy "Kazakhstan-2050": "One nation - one country - one destiny "- emphasized director of KSE "Kogamdyk kelіsіm" Kalamkas Sandybaeva. - This holiday is a milestone to hold and conduct future important projects.

By the way, everyone could not only enjoy a colorful concert program dedicated to the 10th anniversary and write a wish on a special jubilee banner, but try a cake, decorated with figures of different national costumes. It was baked specialy baked and weighed more than 50 kg.

Press service of KSE "Kogamdyk kelіsіm", Kostanay region

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