With the support of the Assembly of People of Kazakhstan October 4, 2016 in Almaty at the Foundation of the First President of Kazakhstan hosted an international conference on "Citizenship and ethnic groups - a strategy to achieve national unity and peaceful coexistence", organized by the Foundation named after Conrad Adenauer, the German Association of public associations of Kazakhstan "Vozrozhdeniye".

The conference was attended by Vice-President - Head of the Secretariat of the Presidential Administration of the RK APK - Yeraly Tugzhanov, Ambassador of the Federal Republic of Germany in Kazakhstan - R.Mafael, Director of Conrad Adenauer Foundation in the Republic of Kazakhstan - H.Tomas, Federal Government Commissioner on National Minorities, the deputy of the German Bundestag, Mr. Hartmut Kaushik, Senior Political Adviser to the OSCE High Commissioner on National Minorities, Mr. Andrew Khanzhin, the deputies of the German Bundestag, national experts , leaders of ethno-cultural associations, representatives of foreign and domestic media and others.

Welcoming the participants of the meeting, Vice-President - Head of the Secretariat of the APK Yeraly Tugzhanov noted that Kazakhstan's model of peace and harmony is of great interest of the world community. Only in the last year and a half into the country for the study of our unique experience came from 25 countries. The model presented in the United Nations, in many European capitals, in Germany operates a public-Berlin Eurasian Club, which also promotes the idea of ​​peace and harmony. "The main value - these are the principles of the national policy of our country. I think it’s all now known. There is the principle of "One country, one destiny," the principle of unity of the manifold, which today is one of the most pressing. Kazakhstan was able to make the idea of ​​diversity is not a problem, as a strategic advantage. Therefore this problem, I think, interested in many countries", - he said.

One of the participants, the deputy of the German Bundestag, Mr. Hartmut Kaushik in his speech noted that the experience of the APK is of great interest to the world community. "Kazakhstan today is home to about 180,000 ethnic Germans, who are a kind of living bridge between Germany and Kazakhstan", - said Hartmut Kaushik.

The agenda included topical issues relating to the experience and the role of the OSCE in the development of a national dialogue, the Assembly of People of Kazakhstan partnership and civil society institutions.

Also part of the conference held panel discussions on several fronts: the role of ethnic groups in the modern world, their integration into society, and the consolidation of national unity, and others.

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