In Satpayev was held an evening meeting "Kartayameni son yorek?", organized by the Tatar-Bashkir ethnocultural center "Duslyk" in the framework of the campaign "25 good deeds", dedicated to the 25th anniversary of Independence of the Republic of Kazakhstan. The meeting was held with the support of akimat and caring residents of the city Bygymanova Gulbika and Nurzidy and Kiekbaeva Marhaba.

Unusual evening began with a stunning international flash mob performed by grandparents. Perpetrators evening shake a leg under the Kazakh, Russian, Ukrainian, Lithuanian, the Caucasus and, of course, Tatar tunes - because among the guests were representatives of all ethnic and cultural associations of the city. Passers-by stopped and lovingly watched the enchanting and colorful dances of flashmobbers. And the fact that someone even dancing with a cane, spoke about how they are young at heart.

The café offers a lot of surprises waiting for more: hall decoration, festive meal, a concert program - all configurable on the "to revive old." The concert program was opened with Anelya Kuznetsova dance "Magic boots", which could not fail to mention in his speech, the guest of honor of the evening – member of Assembly of People of Kazakhstan Zulpa Supyanovna Chumakova: "What a talented people you have - a flash mob of grandparents and then the continuity of generations - a great dance girls". A poem of Alyona "Here walks our grandmother ..." did not leave anybody indifferent, and no one tried to hide the tears.

Then applause frustrated young dancers and accordionists, singers and comedians. And in between rooms atmosphere of joy and fun and kept opening for leading that piloted the program in four languages: Kazakh, Russian, Tatar and Bashkir.

The organizers of the evening are not allowed to miss: the grandmother sang and danced, participated in the competitions received prizes. Also, meeting participants were pleasantly surprised "Parade of dishes": the girls carried on trays specialties prepared by grandmothers. The best dishes were marked by nominations and grandmothers awarded certificates and gifts from sponsors. And, of course, with Deputy Akim letters of thanks have been awarded activists of "Duslyk" ethno-cultural centers Nabiullina Alfinur, Garafieva Venus and representative of the Council of Elders Karimova Fauzia.

This meeting proved once again that there will be wrinkles face, silver hair, but the heart never grows old.

Press service of KSU «Kogamdyk kelesim»

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