"Ivan Kupala" was celebrated in URALSK

In the city park of culture and recreation Kazakhstan People's Assembly Secretariat of West Kazakhstan and the Belarusian cultural center "Hramada" held an "Ivan Kupala" holiday.

The celebration was attended by the Uralsk city Major - Nariman Toregaliev, deputy chairman of the National Commission for Women's Affairs and Family, Demographic Policy under the President of Kazakhstan - Yelena Tarasenko, deputy chairman of the Assembly of People of Kazakhstan, West Kazakhstan region - Gaisa Capac, the Belarusian head of IVF "Hramada" - Vyacheslav Belyaev, leaders and members of ethnic and cultural associations of West Kazakhstan. In Uralsk, with the support of akimat of West Kazakhstan region Assembly of People of Kazakhstan held the days of ethnic groups, where representatives of ethno-cultural associations can inform residents and visitors with the customs and traditions of people. Celebration of Ivan Kupala in our region was held for the first time. As the mayor of the city Nariman Toregaliev: "Such festivals are needed for the sake of mutual enrichment of cultures and the preservation of traditions of all ethnic groups living in a shared house - to preserve interethnic harmony, peace and stability in our mutual home - the Republic of Kazakhstan."

Traditionally, on this day people take part in different rites and rituals. Midsummer night and to this day is one of the "strong" nights, which is filled with medicinal and magical properties. The main forces on this night are: water, fire and herbs. Holiday is popular among the townspeople - Mermaid "lit" the audience dancing witch with her potion tried to prevent the holiday, but it did not work, as a result of the victory of good, and then the girl ran to the river - guessing at the wreaths, running into the water, the young men jumped over fire, in all these activities citizens of the city were actively involved.

Press service of KSU "Kogamdyk kelіsіm", WKO Akim

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