September 22, 2016 on the eve of the Languages Day of the people of Kazakhstan, Agency for Development language Aktobe region, with the support of the KSU «Kogamdyk kelesim» akim apparatus, in the concert hall of the Assembly of People of Kazakhstan Building organized a solemn event "Til - Tauelsizdik tiregі" (language is a stronghold of Independence) .

The purpose of the event: the promotion and improvement of the status of the state language, extension of the scope of the state language, enhancing patriotism and inculcating the younger generation love and respect for the language, to attract young people to actively participate in the various activities of the regional and city level.

Head of Department for the languages development of the Aktobe region G. Tulebaev ​​handed letters of thanks and prizes to active participants in the implementation of the state language policy.

After the official part the public fund "Nurly Alem", in order to enhance the social role of the state language, propaganda of experience in language learning of young people of ethnic groups, to raise interest in the Kazakh national customs and traditions, held a competition "Memlekettik til - Menin tilim"  among youth who are fluent in the state language.

The competition consisted of the following stages: self-presentation, interpretation of the Kazakh proverbs "Makal - sozdin mayegі", "Madeniettanym”, where participants guessed folk custom on the exhibited paintings, and "Onertanym" where they optionally sang songs and recited poems in the national language.

At the end of the contest the winners were awarded with diplomas and valuable prizes.

Press Service KSU «Kogamdyk kelesim»

SI "Apparatus of Akim of Aktobe region"

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