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Russian ethno-cultural association of Zhambyl region, “Russian Center” has arranged a conference on the theme “Family is national value and the foundation of stability of the state” in the medical college. Elena Gorbunova, Chairman of Public Association and Muhabbat Mirazhapova, Chairman of the Council of the mothers under the local APK have met with the students.

Elena Gorbunova noted that the purpose of the conference was to enhance the role of family as the first social institution and the role of a woman in a family. "As homemakers, we ourselves feel responsible for the independence of the state, for the education of our children, for the strengthening of the family, for the peace and harmony in every home. Every woman should know that to be a good wife, mother, daughter in law means to be patient, to act like a real diplomat. We must remember that a family is kept by a woman”- has underlined Muhabbat Saydullaevna.

The meeting took place in an informal setting. Important issues have been discussed, the ones relating to children's education, their socialization in the modern world, the strengthening of inter-ethnic harmony and civil identity.

Press service of KGU “Kogamdyk Kelesim”

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