In the conference hall of the House of Friendship hosted a round table "El Mangilik - martebelі til", organized by the staff of the Department of National Security Committee of the Karaganda region in cooperation with the Secretariat of the Assembly of People of Kazakhstan and KSU «Kogamdyk kelesim». The event was attended by the heads of government agencies, the chairmen of ethnocultural associations, representatives of higher educational institutions, veterans and employees of the Department of National Security Committee, representatives of the Centre for Education of Karaganda region and journalists languages.

Event was opened by Deputy Head of the National Security Committee in Karaganda region and he congratulated the participants on the Day of languages ​​of people of Kazakhstan. In his speech he noted the invaluable contribution of the Head of State in the language policy of Kazakhstan, which is today at the constitutional level provides an opportunity for each citizen of Kazakhstan is free to speak in their mother tongue.

Participants of the event were discussed topics related to the role of the state language in the formation of the national identity of the Kazakh nation and language policy in the country.

The head of the regional department of languages ​​development Kantarbekova Gulnaraim in her speech outlined the main idea underlying the language of the Day: "Every language - it is part of the spiritual heritage of all mankind, and every culture - it is an invaluable contribution to world civilization."

The model of ethnic consolidation and maintenance of peace and harmony, formed a focused and balanced state policy in the years of independence has become a hallmark of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Today, in a multicultural region of our country - in the Karaganda region there are 75 ethno-cultural associations that deal with education, development of national languages ​​and traditions, and play a key role in the formation and strengthening of inter-ethnic relations.

"Language is not only a communication tool, it promotes unity and cohesion of nations, is a means of training and support that links human relations. not the first year, the Day of languages ​​of Kazakhstan, which is clearly a sign of friendship, kinship and unity of all its citizens. After all, the friendship of peoples, mutual understanding and cooperation are the backbone of our country ", - said the moderator of the event.

Priceless experience and impeccable service of the CNS veterans is an example for the younger generation. This gives us confidence that the state bodies will better train young people truly devoted to the Motherland, tuned to a serious training and want to devote them to a hard but interesting work. They will provide in the near future the personnel basis of the National Security Committee of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Veteran of CNS Koishybayev Darkhan made a presentation about the importance of the role of the state language in the formation of national identity.

Kazakhstan model of interethnic peace and consent is not by chance became the hallmark of our country. Active in the field of ethno-cultural associations are engaged in education, development of national cultures, traditions, languages ​​and play a key role in shaping the cultural diversity and the strengthening of inter-ethnic relations. These ideas are supported in introduction of Professor, Head of the Scientific-Expert Group of the Assembly of Peoples of Kazakhstan Karaganda region, the chairman of the public association "Karaganda Center for Jewish Culture" Wilen Molotov-Luchansky.

Presentations were also made by the teachers of ethno-linguistic classes of regional ethno-cultural associations.

Also, at the round table were presented shelves with teaching aids to teach native languages ​​and the state of the regional ethno-cultural associations and the regional center of language training.

At the end of the event, the meeting moderator thanked everyone for the constructive exchange of views, with the long-term work in the sphere of development of languages ​​and cultures of the people of Kazakhstan, which are aimed at ensuring peace, stability and intercultural harmony. He added that all the issues and concerns voiced in the speeches of the speakers will help public authorities to adjust the work in this direction.

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