Mangistau people celebrated Kurban Ait

September 12, 2016 ethnic cultural association in the Mangistau region celebrated one of the main religious holidays of Muslims - Kurban Eid. At 8 a.m. festive Eid namaz was headed in the regional central mosque “Becket Ata”.

Akim of Mangystau region Alik Aidarbayev, who came to the Eid namaz, congratulated all the Muslims and residents of the area with this holy holiday.

Representatives of ethnic and cultural associations were established yurt where guests could taste a festive meal with a variety of food and refreshments. Сommunity leaders, poor families, representatives of public associations, government officials and residents of the area were invited on the feast.

"This festival united everyone. All of the ethnic groups living in the Mangistau region are here. On this day, each of the guests expressed their sincere wishes to each other, it was said a lot of warm words, "- said the chairman of the Korean ECO "Chosun" - Madenova Raisa.

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