In accordance with the Concept of development of the Assembly People of Kazakhstan (until 2025), approved by the Presidential Decree from 28.12.2015, №148, and the Action Plan for the implementation of the Memorandum signed by the Assembly of the People of Kazakhstan and the Supreme Court of the Republic of Kazakhstan in the framework of the republican campaign "Mediation Day", KSU "Kogamdyk kelіsіm" akim of Pavlodar region together with the secretariat of the Assembly of the People of Kazakhstan and with the support of the regional Court held fruitduk work:

August 5th at 11.00 a.m. the same time in all the cities (Aksu, Ekibastuz, Pavlodar) and 10 districts (Aktogay, Bayanaul, Lebyazhye, Kachiry, Irtysh, Assumption, Pavlodar, Mayskiy, Zhelezinka, Shcherbakty) Pavlodar region was held an Open Day in the framework of mediation Day. The events were held on the basis of the courts, local government offices, libraries, houses of culture with the participation of government agencies and the public. In total ​​951 people participated in the event.

In Pavlodar Toraygyrov Regional Library hosted a conference on "Mediation - Kogamdyk kelіsіmnin zhane azamattyk bіrtektіlіktі nygaytudyn Jana-zhakty institutions" - a universal institution of social cohesion and the strengthening of civil identity." The event was organized by the Center for Mediation, KSU "Kogamdyk kelіsіm" Pavlodar oblast akim with the support of the regional secretariat of the ANC and regional court. It was attended by representatives of the regional, city and district courts, the Department of Education, mothers councils, professional and non-professional mediators.

This day, participants of the event spoke on the benefits of mediation. Discussing the issues, actively participated, acting chairman of the Pavlodar city court Abdikarimov N.B. mediator, National Chamber of Notaries Dzhakova M.E., the judge of the specialized inter-district juvenile court Ivanova M.A., a retired judge Bakiyev M .M. and professional mediators Ehrlich O.V. and M.J. Aytpaev.

In his speech, the deputy of the Pavlodar regional maslikhat Korepanova D.V. spoke of the work of deputies on conciliation procedures and the chairman of the board at the ANC mothers Maksilova B.Sh. spoke on the role of the mother as the first mediator in the life of every human.

"Mediation is a way to resolve the conflict and is carried out by a professional person – mediator. A neutral, impartial mediator confidentially and in compliance with the equality of the parties at the negotiating table, conduct the procedure, which aims to achieve suitable solution for all parties of the conflict, "- said a professional mediator, head of the media to ensure KSU" Kogamdyk kelіsіm "Aytpaev Maksat". Mediator is a silent expert determining how the conflict will be resolved, as the parties are ready for a truce"- was added.

Nikolashina O.L., the head of KSU "Kogamdyk kelіsіm" mediation center shared her opinion. When we taking active steps to introduce mediation into our daily lives, it a pleasure that the mediation in our country is taken seriously by legal community. "The demand for such an institution, is not an evidence of the crisis of the judicial system. It shows the opposite - a high level of the judiciary, that the judicial system is improving, "- was added.

After the conference, mediators answered questions and gave advises to the citizens.

During the day, a round table "Mediation in the interests of the child" in the city court with the participation of "Jas mediator" youth level was held. At 17.00 in Pavlodar police department was held a meeting with the district and juvenile inspectors. The theme of the meeting was – "Mediation in every home."

Aytpaev Maksat

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