Conflict, what is it? How to solve it? Is there a chance to solve a conflict without going to the court?

Conflict resolution – it is real, but meeting the need for all parties. The way to resolve a dispute out of court is a proven international experience - mediation.

Mediation - an alternative to violence, legal proceedings, which differs from the consultation, negotiation and arbitration.

Speaking of resolving disputes out of court, it is worth noting Assembly of People of Kazakhstan and the courts of the Karaganda region holding a week devoted to mediation.

As a part of the republican campaign "Day of Mediation" in Karaganda region «roundtable discussions», «welcome days», info-educational workshops all devoted to mediation have been carried, business meetings regarding the establishment of Regional Mediation Council.

The event has been attended by members of the Assembly of Nations of Kazakhstan in Karaganda region, representatives of public institutions, mediators and the media.

The events were aimed to clarify the goals and objectives of mediation development as one of the promising areas for effective solution of disputes and conflicts, the promotion of mediation and explanation of the effectiveness of conciliation procedures.

Legal assistance and free advice was provided as a part of this event. Outreach conducted in 96 mediation offices on the basis of regional courts, local administration, with the participation of local government offices for Conciliation coordinating judges, retired judges, government officials, mediators and the public.

In addition, an inquiry was held during the Welcome day, according to the results of which the level of fame of alternative conflict resolution was only 19%.

About 1,000 people participated in these activities. Of these, 170 citizens have received comprehensive explanations and free advice on the use of mediation.

Press Relations Service,

RGU «Kogamdyk Kelisim»

Karaganda Region Akimat,

Executive office

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