MEDIATION DAY in Kostanai region

August 5, KSU "Kogamdyk Kelisim" Kostanay region held events dedicated to the republican campaign "Mediation Day". In total more than 100 people took part in the event. In general, throughout the region in each district and the city was held a similar event, among the main objectives was the popularization and development of mediation.

The press conference for media representatives was attended by Chairman of the Board on Civil Cases of the Kostanay regional court Vladimir Dolgov, the judge of the regional court Agaysha Nurlumbaeva, two retired judges - Damilya Temirbaev and Lyudmila Prokhorova, as well as the President of the "Association of mediators, Kostanay region", mediators at KSU "Kogamdyk Kelisim", deputy chairman of the regional Council of public consent Sergey Bogatyrev. Every speaker explained his field of mediation activity, answering the questions. For example, Vladimir Dolgov noted that in five years since the enactment of the Law of Republic of Kazakhstan "On Mediation", was observed the positive dynamics of growth in the number of mediation agreements.

In 2012 in the context of all regional judiciary cases, 9 were resorted, in 2015 already 2062 agreements. During 7 months period of this year with the help of mediation were closed already 1912 cases. -The distinguishing feature of this method of dispute settlement is that the parties themselves choose a mediator and without coercion, through the dialogue, come to the satisfying decision that eliminates the sides of time and money in litigation.

Sergey Bogatyrev noted that to date in the Association 23 professional mediators are registered.

- This year was set out to create a database, which will include social mediators. I would like to create a unified list of mediators, so people can effortlessly find their contacts, - said Sergey Bogatyrev.

After the press conference was conducted a round table, which was joined by the judges of the Regional and specialized juvenile court.

Roundtable audience (government representatives, ethnic and cultural associations, NGOs, youth organizations, etc.) were handed out information leaflets on mediation office operation at KSU "Қoғamdyқ kelіsіm" of the Kostanay region. All the residents could get absolutely free legal assistance and consultation on relevant controversial issues.

Press service of KSU "Kogamdyk Kelisim", Kostanay region

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