"MEDIATION DAY" in Zhambyl region.

On August 5, "Mediation Days", were organised across the country by the Assembly of the People of Kazakhstan to ensure the activity of Supreme Court. A variety of events, which now may be referred as professional mediators holiday are celebrated annually in Zhambyl region.

In August 2011 was passed the Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan "On Mediation", to settle disputes and conflicts between individuals, legal entities with the participation of mediators – specially trained and qualified professionals to help people solve disputes on a reciprocal basis without recourse to the courts. A Center for Mediation and Law named "Bіtіmger" was founded by a group of enthusiasts led by Larisa Safonova at the roots of the movement in Zhambyl region. It was a difficult path traversed in five years recalling its results gathered in the festively decorated conference hall of the KSU "Kogamdyk Kelisim", apparatus of akim of Zhambyl region mediators and law enforcement officers, activists of the regional Assembly of the People of Kazakhstan and representatives of the media.

The tasks of the "Mediation Day" is a further promotion of mediation among the population, instilling legal culture in Zhambyl, application of conciliation procedures, familiarization with the activities of the office of mediation and mediators of public assemblies. The program includes a presentation of the mediation office and free consultations for the citizens. Dosybieva Valentina opened the event, - "Best mediator in 2016", KSU "Kogamdyk Kelisim".

Nurmukhamet Abidov, the chairman of the Division of Criminal Affairs of Zhambyl regional court, said in his speech how vital it is that people got the right to select a way of disputes settlement through conciliation, without recourse to the public authorities. The Criminal Procedure Code of the Republic of Kazakhstan has recently introduced an Article 68 which regulates the discontinuation of a number of criminal cases for the reconciliation of the parties, including the mediation procedure. However, if the civil proceedings in the scope of the broad mediation, the criminal mediation is negligible. N. Abidov cited statistics: in six months of this year, the courts of Zhambyl region stopped and examined the procedures of mediation in only 95 criminal cases in the civil courts in total 552 cases involving professional mediators. An agreement was signed on the use of mediation procedures in criminal proceedings at the pre-trial stage of criminal cases. To this end, mediation cabinets will be opened in the police department of the city of Taraz and police departments of regions.

All the speakers were unanimous in the opinion to adopt the ANC mediation and law enforcement agencies with all the possibilities to ensure the primary objective - peace, social cohesion and prosperity for citizens. Mukhabat Turdyeva, chairman of the Uighur ethnic and cultural association named after Mahmud Kashgar, said: "by nature of its activities, each chairman of ECO is a mediator, to us humans on the first place is to seek advice and help. But, unlike the courts, we are no winners and losers, and the triumphant victory is a lose to the other side. We reconcile people. Family members do not become enemies of the dispute, for example, on inheritance question, family ties between relatives are not broken. "

The head of the KSU "Kogamdyk Kelisim" Ubaydullaeva presented a number of letters of thanks and memorable gifts. The Open Day continued with the presentation of mediation office, providing legal aid of the townspeople, and then moved to Bayzak District, where the discussion took place on the topic "International experience in the field of training and certification of mediators."

Press - service of KSU "Kogamdyk Kelisim"

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