MEDIATION DAY OPEN DOORS, East Kazakhstan region

In the framework of the republican campaign "Mediation Day " in the walls of the House of Friendship was held a public meeting on mediation.

Prior to the official part, at the site near the House of Friendship were conducted games and competitions for children. On simple examples adults explained children what is mediation. The program included a drawing on the asphalt competition, team competitions and KVN performances. After all the children received small gifts from sponsors.

At 11.00 a.m. was the grand opening of the performance. The congratulatory remarks were made by: the Head of the Secretariat of the ANC Nurgaziev, Askar Kisaevich, chief specialist of the Department of Justice Troeglazova Helena, Director of the Republican public association "National Chamber of mediators" Dyachuk Marianna Ivanovna.

Afterall the guests were invited to visit an exhibition of books in a regional library on the history of Kazakh law. In the lobby was shown a film specially shot for the event. At the round table the conference on mediation was held, the word was given to the chairman of the East Kazakhstan regional court Amirov Doszhanov Sarmankulovich. After the speech, he presented letters of thanks to the mediators and the people who stood in the beginning of the development of mediation in the region. During the conference guests had an opportunity to to consultate with the judges and mediators.

At the same time, in three offices citizens were consulting professional mediators for free.

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