The hall of the Academic Council of the "Bolashak" University held the meeting named "Language is the wealth of the country". It was attended by Deputy Director of MPI "Kogamdyk kelіsіm" Asylbek Zhumabaev, a member of the scientific expert group, Professor of KSU named after Korkyt Ata, Ph.D. Aman Abasilov, head of the department of "Philology and Journalism" Nadezhda Shumeyko, teachers of educational institutions and students-representatives of different ethnic groups.

The meeting purpose is to promote the trinity of languages, master many languages by the younger generation, educate gifted person, etc.

In their speeches, A. Zhumabaev and A. Abasilov talked about the theory of the relationship of languages, multilingualism, shared their views on implementing the trinity of languages. The students were seen to be interested in this matter, the reports were read related to the trinity of languages policy. During the meeting questions and appropriate answers were given.

At the end of the meeting the winners of the contest were awarded for writing the essay "Language is the wealth of the people", organized by the department of "Philology and Journalism". This contest was dedicated to the promotion of the state language policy.

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