In the bustle of everyday life we ​​do not always find the time to remember and call your grandparents, parents, ask whether they are healthy and need. We do not find the time to pray for those who are no longer alive ...

But they gave us life, they experienced the plight of the last time they - the story in today's books! We must never forget those who built our future, who contributed to the development of our generation, who with their own hands created for our history. On the "Day of the elderly" in the House of friendship of Petropavlovsk North Kazakhstan Assembly of people of Kazakhstan KSU «Kogamdyk kelesim» congratulated elderly people of our city.

Grandparents from ethno-cultural centers of the Assembly, honored citizens, honorary retirees and everyone came to the concert of chamber chorus Regional Philharmonic.

Nail Salimov, head of the secretariat of the Regional Assembly of People of Kazakhstan congratulated those present on the occasion and thanked for his contribution to the future of our country.

The artistic director of the chamber choir - Yuri Kolchin took repertoire of speakers for the audience. Songs of the war years, the Kazakh kui and songs was performed by the singers with the sounds of the piano accompanist. Each room takes viewers to distant memories of their youth: maternal care, student years, and first love. Hearing the song of Valentina Tolkunova "Talk to me, Mom," some eyes welled up in tears. Even young do not hold back his emotions, they hugged his precious parents.

After the concert, they all sat down for a friendly dastarkhan, retired laughing, remembering something interesting, fun chatted, sang songs in Kazakh, Tatar, Russian and German. They told their stories and shared their experience with young, is not complaining about anything.

"Appreciate your life, beauty and strength, time is cruel and not ruled. Things to live with dignity ", - said apashka sitting next to a young girl.

Satisfied old went with gratitude, a broad smile and warm wishes. They said "thank you" for the fact that they are not forgotten, respected and valued.

For us it was a sincere pleasure, grace, because such a small thing, we gave great joy to the older generation. It is, indeed, happiness - see the wrinkles around the eyes of the cheerful smiles.

I wish that those days were more frequent. They - the heroes of the last time, and we must honor and remember everyone.

They are dependent on our history from us - the memory of them.

Press service of KSU «Kogamdyk kelesim»

SI "Machinery of akim of North Kazakhstan region"

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