The history of every nation is made up of millions of events, each of which leaves its mark on the past, present and future history of the world.

The Armenian community of Kazakhstan has formed in the second half of the XIX century, after the entry of Central Asia into the Russian Empire. However, their mass migration to this region came in the first half of the twentieth century, which was caused by the genocide in Western Armenia and Stalinist repression. Thus, only in the end of 1937 1121 Agriculture Armenians and Kurds moved from Azerbaijan and Armenia to Kazakhstan. Armenians migrated here in the years of development of virgin lands, deportation.

In order to preserve and develop the traditional Armenian culture, knowledge of the Armenian language, the development of amateur national creativity, the development of cultural co-operation and harmonization of interethnic relations public organization "Armenian cultural center “Bari”" was proposed to hold a festival of Armenian culture in the country.

First Republican festival of Armenian culture took part at August 21, 2016 at KSU "Kogamdyk Kelesim", and the initiator and organizer of which was the NGO “Armenian cultural center" Bari» with support of the Akmola Assembly of People of Kazakhstan. This event were dedicated to the 25th anniversary of Independence of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

This festival is not the usual "demonstration of the achievements”  Armenian ethnos. For each of its members is an occasion to reflect on its historical roots.

Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary Ambassador of the Republic of Armenia to the Republic of Kazakhstan Ara Sahakyan and representatives of the Embassy attended the festival.

During the festival in the conference hall of the KSU KSU "Kogamdyk Kelesim" Mr. Ambassador held a meeting with the participants of the festival.

Representatives of Armenian creative collectives of ethnocultural associations from five regions of Kazakhstan demonstrated their skills. In total, over 70 people attended the festival. The festive concert was presented Armenian folk songs, pop songs by Armenian composers in their own language, folk and modern dances, poems of Armenian authors, instrumental works. The special atmosphere of the festival presented melody of duduk - an instrument recognized as a masterpiece of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of UNESCO.

After the concert were a ceremony of awarding the participants of the festival. Zere Kiikova - Chairman of the Board of AANK mothers gave white handkerchief to board member, teacher of Armenian language Ruzanna Degoyan. White scarf - ak oramal, became a symbol of friendship and mutual understanding, wishing our common home - the Republic of Kazakhstan - peace and prosperity.

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